#520: Chuck Roast

*Featured Image by #TESDAnt


Bry and Q don’t get the true love they feel they deserve, Walt’s 28th anniversary, Bry nearly attends a sweet 16.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Git’em Steve Dave

Mentioned Person

Chuck Staton



“They’re just pretending to like him, we’re keeping it real.” – Bryan

“I’d leave that one holstered, you guys just have a weird way going about things.” – Walt about how Bryan’s way of getting close to Victor is to turn him against Walt

“I love a world where I say it wrong and no one comes after me, they go after you two.” – Walt

“Oh you’re killing me! I’ve got processes I’ve got to de-noise it.” -Bry as Declan

“Let’s not be like Ruppert, let’s be positive.” – Walt

“I don’t like getting called out like this on Instagram!” – Q

“Kevin made a black and white movie 50 years ago and Chuck is going to blow him to this day?” – Q

“I don’t hear from this guy for over a week. I don’t wanna hear about Chuck, you make ME feel wanted first.” -Bryan

“It sounds to me like you and me got Victor, we can work on him and make him ours.” – Q

“We’re the problem, we’ve always been the problem.” – Q

“I’m just going to go out on that deck, the Lilo deck.” -Walt

Memorable Moments:

Bryan says Q wouldn’t believe Walt’s shirt, a NJ Devils rainbow logo. Walt says in this day and age it’s not even worth acknowledging.

Walt just celebrated his 28th wedding anniversary. When asked for advice to young loves Walt declines saying that everyone should just do what they want.

Bryan and Q were maligned for not correcting Walt’s pronunciation of “Superfetation”.

Bryan goes to see Jurassic World and Top Gun: Maverick. Brian Ruppert was a huge fan of Maverick and Bryan was not as impressed, saying TESD should get some social security money for employing someone “soft in the head”. Bryan says Jurassic World was fun but Maverick was just predictable and the same story as the original.

Q says that he and Bryan are having employee issues. He was on Chuck’s Instagram and noted that Chuck thanked Kevin and Walt for making him feel so welcome and included but no mention of Q and Bryan. Q wonders if he could do more to make Chuck feel like part of the team. Bryan says since Chuck is already taken by Walt and Kev, that they should focus on other members of the team. Walt brings up that Bry called Ruppert soft in the head not ten minutes ago. Q suggests a TESD staff night out like he used to have with his Firehouse crew.

Walt went to go see Beetlejuice on Broadway. The guy that played Beetlejuice was on IJ on one of Q’s punishments.

Q says that he should get a t-shirt with Chuck’s face on it and wear it on IJ, put a rainbow filter over it. Walt says this is why Bryan and Q don’t get the love, when they get together they just devolve into what they always do ragging on others.

Image by Kenny Rubenis

Walt is going on a cruise to the Bermuda with Frank and Mrs. Five.

Walt has high hopes for Rob Zombies “Munsters” teaser.

A teacher in Mississippi gives a student a “Zero” award. Walt recalls that the dunce cap was still a thing when he was in school.

Bryan gets in an argument with Maribeth about attending one of Sage’s friend’s sweet 16 birthday party. Bryan thinks that a sweet 16 party is for girls only and thinks Maribeth should take her herself. It turns out that lots of fathers attended.

Walt brings Git’em on to apologize for forgetting his birthday and gave him a birthday card with forged signatures from Bryan, Q, and Ming.

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