#521: Cruisin’ With The Oldies

*Featured Image by #TESDAnt


Q secures his place in heaven, Walt proves his ping-pong prowess, Bry takes a step towards living like a real human.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Frank 5

Mentioned Person



“nooch nooch smoking beers smoking beers”- Walt

“You deserve mid-tier.”-Q

“It’s not like I’m fuckin’ Johnny two-dicks over here.” – Q

“How much scotch can you give a 4 year old.” – Frank 5

“There’s a guy out there talking about giving coke to little kids.” – Bryan

“That’s why you don’t win at the casino, cuz you don’t have good karma.” – Frank 5 quoting Walt

“Fuckin’ Wimpy over here.” -Bryan about Walt’s love of hamburgers.

“You’re still my number one.” – Walt to Sunday Jeff

“That’ll happen with fabulous wealth and fame.” – Bryan about Q’s happiness.

Memorable Moments:

Q hangs out with Paul Rudd and Richard Kind while doing a charity event for sick children called the Big Slick raising 3.5 million dollars. Q once so excited to get a call from Richard Kind which he couldn’t answer as he was filming. When listening to the message he realizes it was a butt dial and Richard Kind can be heard clearly saying “Brian Quinn, who the heck is Brian Quinn!?”.

Walt and Bryan remember the Comic Book Men attending a benefit for animals and how it didn’t turn out quite as big as Q’s.

Walt and Frank 5 hit the high seas. Bryan could not go with them as Sage’s graduation was during the cruise’s duration.

Walt emasculates Frank 5 in ping pong and shuffleboard. Walt’s love of ping pong has been rekindled causing him to contemplate buying a table for the Studio. Frank’s cabin reeks of sewage, the ship’s solution was to spray Febreze. Someone died on the first night of the cruise. Walt came out of his shell and partook on all the ship activities not caring if he didn’t look cool. Frank and Walt win TV theme trivia.

Kevin Pollack takes $425 of Q’s money playing poker.

Walt and Frank shut down for getting a golf cart in Bermuda by the wives believing they’d get lost or drive on the wrong side of the road.

Walt has too many friends now, its hard to juggle them all. Walt, Bry, and Frank to go to a monster museum and a soda factory on the next Broside Attractions.

R&H on permanent hiatus as it couldn’t survive the pandemic and the uncertainty of the show after Joe’s departure. Q in the most positive place of his life, however he tries to repress that on TESD as he thinks listeners relate to and enjoy misery more.

Bryan moving on up, put in an offer on a house and moving to Leonardo close to the Quick Stop. Bry to start hanging out in front. The house has a pool and a koi pond and Walt thinks it’ll make for great content watching him try to maintain them both, as it can be labor intensive.

Bry imagines a future as a bent back shaky old man. Should start doing yoga or something.

Walt physically never sweats.

Git’em is officially on the list of guests for the New Jersey Garden State Comic Fest. Q wants one of his autographed 8x10s for his living room.

Q to fly out to Cincinnati to sing with Brett Michaels at the end of the Poison show.

Q excited to see the Elvis movie.

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