#522: The Sin of Happiness

*Featured Image by #TESDAnt


Q’s in the dumps, 4th of July, Amish gazebos, the boys celebrate a murder.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Mentioned Person



“Why the fuck did I open my fuckin’ mouth and say anything to the universe about being happy?” – Q

“Are we talking Christian Bale level, Tom Cruise level?” – Walt about Q’s blow up.

“We should call a sensitivity coach right about now.” – Walt

“Belligerent wasn’t even on the menu bro.” -Q

“This Hershey bar is gonna get you fucked up, bro.” – Walt

ReOccuring Segments:

Listener Advice

Memorable Moments:

One week after saying he was happy Q has jinxed it and had a hell of a week compounded with depression. The only good day was the July 4 BBQ surrounded by friends. Git’em and Sal were kings of the pool.

Q had a blow up on the set of IJ when he kept getting interrupted trying to answer an email. Ming Chen was on the set at the time as they were filming in the building one of Ming’s studios are in. Q tried to get him in on a bit but Ming was too busy.

Since IJ has been on the air so long some new crew members are quite a bit younger than the rest and have started raising concerns about some of the jokes being seen as offensive. An example of this is when filming a bit about a séance, one crew member asked if burning sage was cultural appropriation. Bryan acknowledges if he could be back on tv he would listen to everything a millennial tells him.

Walt imagines Q’s July 4th party as a debaucherous weed den, but would have attended with Debbie anyway. Bryan impressed with Q’s fancy tightly rolled towels. Git’em and Bryan wanted to commandeer the audio system to play Git’em’s version of Closer. Git’em almost knocked a kid into the pool when he missed a step on the Gazebo.

Walt to challenge customers to Ping Pong for a 50% discount on their entire order. A makeshift ping pong table is set in the studio with a retractable net.

Young female crew members star struck meeting THE Benjamin Cat.

Walt can never go in a hot tub again after being cooked alive during Mallrats getting horrible cramps. Q buys an inflatable $700 hot tub as a joke. It was supposed to be a 7 person tub, but after 5 it became full on “man stew” with everyone rubbing knees.

Walt suggests CareOf to get the secret formula for Flintstone vitamins and start selling them. Walt used to pop Dinos like they were drugs, he attributes his current good health to the vitamins 30 years ago.

Bryan asks if it is ok to be happy to hear that someone was murdered. There was a big game hunter in Africa that was shot and killed. Q says that yes, there is one person in particular that he will celebrate his death, the more violent the better. He claims this guy is partially responsible for Bryan’s carjacking.

Is NJ set to legalize magic mushrooms? Bryan once ate an entire chocolate bar infused with psilocybin but felt nothing. Walt suggests he was duped. Walt says putting the drugs into edibles is a cheap move and if you want the high so much you need to eat the shitty gross mushrooms.

Walt, Bry and Q give advice to a listener who just found out the man he thought was his dad for 35 years isn’t his biological father through a commercial DNA ancestry site. The man that raised him paid 18 years of child support. Bryan would use the information to blackmail the mother. Walt would do absolutely nothing, as it is the easiest course of action. Q would approach it unemotionally and want to get to know his bio dad.

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