#523: Bruce Almighty

Featured Image by @TESDAnt


The boys give Rob Bruce a TESD send off.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Brian Nashel

Mentioned Person



“Rob was a character, but he also HAD character.” – Brian Nashel

Memorable Moments:

This tribute to Rob Bruce was recorded shortly after his passing and given to his family for use as a fundraiser. After many months it was uploaded on the TESD main feed for the world to hear.

Q opens the tribute up with a few words and a retraction from Rob’s Overkill appearance that he now no longer doubts that if anyone alive could meet an angel and still care about toys and flea markets it would be Rob Bruce.

Walt recalls meeting Rob Bruce for the first time at Rob’s store on Monmouth Street, Groove Spot. Bryan first met Rob when he was managing the original Secret Stash also on Monmouth Street and Rob expected Bryan to honor his 20% discount provided by the original Steve Dave.

Brian Nashel has many fond memories and a real appreciation of Rob as a character and as an integral part of Comic Book Men as a producer, despite often rubbing other staff and crew the wrong way.

Brian Nashel recalls a story about a time Rob Bruce thought that Brian O’Holloran was cheating at poker and an argument broke out. Walt reveals that getting people angry was part of Rob’s strategy to get them off their game. There was a weekly bounty put out for anyone that could defeat Rob at poker night.

Walt talks about how he reconciled with Rob after he was banned from the Stash and how disappointed he was that he didn’t speak to him for a year out of “misplaced loyalty”. Rob helped Walt get the hand held tv’s used in the “Let’s all go ToHo the movies” opening.

Bryan and Nashel talk about how genuine Rob was and how when he asked about your family, you could tell he really cared.

On the final episode of Comic Book Men it is poetic that Rob puts on the Stash shirt and works with Walt and gets to appear at the pod table at the end of the episode.


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