#525: The Hammer

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Are cats an alien species?, Batgirl, is spaz offensive?


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Mentioned Person



“If you ain’t spazzin, you ain’t fuckin!” – Walt

“Look at the Spaz in the cape” – Walt

“Dude where’s the bro code?” Q on Bill Clinton

“Is it evidence? Was it your uncle?” Q on keeping the dress.

Memorable Moments:

Bryan feeling ill, has COVID symptoms but tested negative.

While driving the dogs to the General Store when Socks has a freak accident when her leash gets caught on something and gets ripped out of the car. Walt has to spend hours in the Emergency Animal Hospital.

Walt paid top dollar for Cooper as a French Bulldog, but he has been told that there is no way he’s pure bread and most likely has English Bulldog in there.

Git’em wants to get a fringe jacket after seeing an old David Cassidy video from the 70s. Walt suggests fringe shirt, pants and hat as well. Bry and Walt remember a kid in high school that always wore a leather jacket with his gym shorts. Dave Wyndorf used to wear a fringe vest with no shirt underneath while working at the comic shop.

Bry suggests a Sunday Jeff vs Pam pop culture trivia challenge.

Lizzo is called out for using the term Spaz in a song. In the UK it is the equivalent of the word ‘retard’, which Q believes is making a comeback.

Beyoncé is pulling a George Lucas by altering previous recordings. She also used the term Spaz in a lyric containing “Spazzing on that ass”. Walt believes that all people should endeavor to spaz on ass, otherwise you aren’t giving it your all. Monica Lewinsky also requested changing a 2013 lyric “Lewinsky on my gown”.

Walt asks what the reaction would be if you came across a dress with a stain that your partner kept as a memento of a previous lover? What if she kept an old love letter, if Bryan found something Cletus wrote to Maribeth.

Brad Pitt wears a skirt, or is it a kilt? Q wishes capes would be popular again.

Batgirl get’s shelved, Walt’s meter not moved. Walt asks Q to use connections to get copies of the cancelled Batgirl and Scooby Doo movie for Walt to get back into the bootlegging game.

Walt finally watching Stranger Things and really digs it. He asks why they haven’t done another show that follows young actors growing up. Q flabbergasted that Will Byers is Walt’s favorite character. Q loves Steve’s redemption arc.

Q watches Sandman.

Walt announces a satellite location at the Collingswood auction. There is an opening for a booth at the indoor market in November and December.

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