#526: Foreign Chicken Fingers

Featured Image by AntKoolaid


Stolen houseplants, Blue October, Bry is a CH from leaving the crooked house behind


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Git’em Steve Dave

Mentioned Person



“i gave him a wedgie and french fries fell out!” – Walt

“How many oranges do you eat a year? Seven?” – Walt

“No one told me it took like 3 years to produce the first orange! Why did I even plant this?” –

“I wanted to feel the beast in between my legs.” – Walt

“He shut the door in Q’s face and in through the window crawls Git’em Steve Dave” -Bryan

“How y’all Stankin” – Git’em

“I’m a genius yes, but not a comedic genius” -Git’em

“We should throw all our weight behind drowning muskrats.” – Bryan

“Stop licking me. What am I, made of ice cream or something?” – Bryan

Memorable Moments:

Should Git’em get a solo Patreon show? “What’s it Rate with 148”.

Git’em and Walt to appear on Chuck Staton’s new podcast “Funbearable”. Git’em was in his glory with all the fast paced pop culture references. Walt’s never seen him so excited.

Walt wants to do a show with his daughters riffing on a Gamera movie and asked Git’em to write some jokes, it falls flat with Carl Sagan impression and Master of Disguise quotes.

Bryan finds it harder and harder to remember where references come from.

Bryan listens to The Office Ladies podcast and thinks “Who does this shit” and then remembers Tales Behind the Fake Counter and realizes “We do that”.

Walt questions if Bryan’s habit of falling asleep to Forensic Files is good for his mental health. It was much easier to get away with murder 20 years ago. The CSI effect helps criminals learn what to avoid and also makes juries expect complete and perfect evidence.

99% of all hitmen are undercover cops.

In an effort to stop wetting his bed a 13 year old Git’em recorded a subliminal message tape for him to listen to while asleep. Walt questions if Git’em shares any other of the McDonald Triad traits. He does like to watch bonfires and has had to kill small animals on the farm.

Bry and Maribeth go see another Blue October show, Walt deems it Skinny Jean Rock. Maribeth is Pam levels obsessed with the band.

Bryan wants to go people watch at a Kid Rock concert.

Bryan and Maribeth moving into their new house this upcoming week. Bry considers planting an orange tree.

Tom Brady conspiracy theories abound. Is he on the Masked Singer?

Walt has to rent a truck to help move furniture to his brother in law’s house, Git’em compliments how quickly he picked it up.

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