#527: Barbara Eden is 90!!

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Q goes to Graceland, Bry changes his name to Sherwin-Williams, cross-shaped docks, woke nightclubs.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Mentioned Person



“It really showed me what a piece of shit I was.” – Walt

“Can you draw Elvis’ penis for us?” – Q

“Fuck a Johnson!”- Bryan

“I’m like the guy in Schindler’s List.”-Bryan choosing which Koi lives or dies.

“Thank God you live in Jersey, you can get that Koi abortion.” – Walt

“Did Michael Jackson get some Mother X action?”- Walt about Priscilla Presley

“This is harder than coming off opiates”- Bryan about lack of TV

Memorable Moments:

Recorded from the empty Johnson Estate. The lack of furniture makes for echoey acoustics.

Q is impressed with the expansive koi pond with its many waterfalls and offshoots. Walt worries about the koi’s health in the harsh New Jersey winters, says he should put them in a plastic kiddie pool and bring them inside. Apparently they go into hibernation under the frozen pond. The pond appears to be way over populated, Walt provides some advice to remedy it. Maribeth vows to name every individual fish.

Walt tries to buy Bry a Bed, Bath and Beyond $200 gift card and accidentally buys one to Bath and Bodyworks causing him to pay for 2 different cards.

Could Bryan create a 4 Color Demon club in the basement?

Bryan buys Maribeth tickets to a Blue October show for their 2nd anniversary, apparently they also sell tickets to the sound check prior to the show for people to hear them rehearse with songs not being played at the main concert. Walt calls it out for being a scam.

Has Bryan married his mother? Maribeth’s love of Blue October matches Pam’s love of Josh Groban.

Q suggests Bry get acquainted with his neighbors and drop off some pies. Walt maintains he is the best neighbor and is more valuable to his neighbors than they are to him.

Millenials and Gen Z are terrified to answer a doorbell.

Q recommends Bryan get a bat house to help with the mosquito population. Bry imagines Sage with rabies.

Q visits Graceland for Elvis week and attends a candle light vigil for the King. Q gets to meet Priscilla Presley and Barbara Eden at the vigil.

Ryan Hearst wants to play Sentry in the MCU.

Walt not impressed with She Hulk, says its too CW ish.

Walt realizes he actually likes kids saving the world after finishing Stranger Things.

Q goes to Key West for Jiggy’s bachelor party.

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