#528: Koi-tastrophe

Featured Image by Eric Mason


Walt brings some banter topics, dungarees, Bry’s pool gives him trouble.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Nashel

Mentioned Person



“I thought I knew it all, I thought I knew at least some!” – Bryan

“I am a pussy” – Walt

“So I was wearing jeans yesterday, for a special occasion.”- Walt

“I’m predicting it right now, Bill Gates will have to repair the internet.” -Walt

“Hey, you want a pizza? I’m gonna call a plumber.” – Walt

“I’ve got fuckin’ mustard algae to deal with, I’m not painting the laundry room.”- Bryan

“Did Mr. Magoo make it?” – Walt

“Also don’t worry, I’m gonna fuck up lots in the future.” -Bryan

“I’m a pretty good swallower.”- Nashel

“Suddenly your wife’s a lesbian.” – Bryan

Memorable Moments:

Brian Nashel joins Bryan and Walt at the table this week to start off “Tales Behind the Fake Counter” month on Patreon. TESD Town is abuzz with speculation of cast changes of the Comic Book Men recap show.

Walt finds 5 different CBM banter topics that he never turned into Nashel while it was still on the air.

Brian Nashel is one of the few people from the crew that Bryan and Walt still stay in touch with. Nashel comments how close people get while working on a show but then after it wraps they all go their separate ways.

Bryan pitches a reality show where someone buys a house but is totally ill-equipped to handle any of what needs to be done for home ownership. Bry having a hard time dealing with his pool’s mustard algae and possible gas leak. Walt offers up his wife’s services as an expert pool maintenance person.

The Johnson estate’s painting project extends from 2 rooms to the entire house.

25-30% of Bryan’s koi have died, the Johnson curse strikes again. The old owners left without making sure the water levels were correct.

Bryan says he is much more open to other peoples ideas recently and even has come to terms with Edgar. Walt suggests a father son camping trip to bond more.

Bryan and Walt can not do the Tough Love routine with their girls.

School dress codes leads to discussion of how old you can be until the goth look, skinny jeans and Chuck Taylors are no longer ok to wear.

Walt wears jeans for the first time in years and has realizes they are not for him.

Monkee’s are suing to get the files that the FBI was collecting on them.

Nashel used to work at MTV and hates being asked why they stopped playing music videos. Billy Squire ruins his career with a single video writhing on the floor.

Walt’s lost banter topics:

If you could become a powerful superhero by uttering a magic word, but each time you do you lose massive amounts of testosterone and by the third usage would be 100% female, would you do it?

Would you rather have a mint copy of Action Comics #1 or have amazing toe-curling orgasms that leave you with the most intense O face for the rest of your life?

Would you rather the ability to control animals or control machines?

You find out through a series of innocent mistakes that when someone catches you undressed the emotion of shock gives you super powers. Would you become a flasher for powers?

Firestorm is a unique superhero as it is two consciousness in one body, what older gentleman would you want to share a body with?

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