#530: Cons-troversy

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Frank has a bad month, unscrupulous salesmen, sewage problems.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Frank #5

Mentioned Person



“As soon as he’s done pumping, we’ll go out to eat.”- Frank 5

“Don’t cry… like Bry!” – Walt

“Houses of cards fall more slowly than I did.” -Bryan

“Ya know, Bry, you’re supposed to wipe your ass after you take a shit….”

“I made the mistake of being happy.” – Frank #5

“It sounds like we live in Chernobyl.” – Frank #5

“Excuse me, I’d like to make an announcement! My name is Bryan Johnson and I was on TV 7 years ago and I would like the best.” – Bryan

Memorable Moments:

Frank #5 bows to Sunday Jeff as the fan favorite.

Walt defends podcasting as an art. Tell’em Steve Dave is the Piss Christ of podcasts. Walt says art can’t be censored, Bry recalls when Blockbuster refused to stock Vulgar unless he took out a few scenes.

Frank #5 as a professor works just like the MCAA, if he doesn’t find something wrong with an essay then people will assume he didn’t read it.

The dark cloud is over Frank #5’s head, the planets are aligned against him. His garage door springs broke out of nowhere with a loud bang, he sent Mary to investigate. Then the septic tank starts acting out. Frank recalls a time when it backed up to the point that it was covering the floor and he had to clean it up. The city once offered to hook up Frank’s neighborhood to the sewer lines but it would be $5000 per lot, one hold out ruined it for everyone.

Frank schedules the septic tank people to come check out his tank on Mary’s birthday.

Bryan’s new list of house problems. His garage also broke, the pool filer doesn’t work, a cricket has moved into Bryan’s car. Bulk pick up won’t take Sage’s bed.

Bryan’s distaste of converse and Disney clothes spans twitter and reddit.

The price gouging at Disney should be shamed for pricing out people of lower income. Looking at you Laudando.

Are people in the pool cleaning industry withholding important advice and techniques in order to make the most off of the rubes in the summer time before the harsh winter? Did the mattress salesman try to take advantage of Bry?

While removing things from the crooked house Bry uses the bathroom one day, only to return the next day to find the toilet still full of shit with no toilet paper. Can things come back up after being flushed? Did Bry forget to wipe and flush or did the landlord break in?

Sage requests listening to rap music. Would she get a pass if she utters the n-word while singing along?

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