#532: A Sexy Canoe Trip

Featured Image by @tone_tha_3rd


Bry, Walt, and Q discuss prize-winning, wildlife stories, Tom vs Gisele, Boom parties.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Mentioned Person



“she’s gonna cost me a ring. this bitch is going to cost me and tom a ring!” -Walt

“Fawk yeah! Caliglia!” – Walt as Q

” Wait… Are you talking about Tom Brady or Ming?” – Bryan

“Most people wouldn’t look at me and go ‘There goes a winner.'”- Bryan

“I gotta start working on my beloved status” – Walt

“I didn’t know this was a sexy canoe trip.” – Bryan

Memorable Moments:

Bryan wins a sweepstakes from McDonalds getting $1000 worth of canoeing services. Walt tells him to set up a stand near the canoe place and try to sell the thousand for 250 cash. Q says he should take the opportunity to bond with Edgar on a canoe trip, causing Walt to hum dueling banjoes.

Q recalls a time he won a Bronco through a sweepstakes but couldn’t claim it because he was under 18. Walt won a bicycle once at his dad’s company picnic but competed in the wrong age bracket and was disqualified.

Another death on the Johnson compound as Maribeth finds a chipmunk that perished in the pool.

Q has taken to hand feeding the squirrels and his outdoor cat, Yardley. The squirrels have become domesticated going up to Q and reaching up his pant leg. Benjamin Cat gets into hunting mode despite being 18 years old. Q wants to buy chipmunks to release onto his property.

Tom Brady and Giselle are set to divorce. Walt can not believe she is blowing up a family unit because the man decided to go back to work. Walt is squarely in Tom’s corner in this domestic dispute coming down hard on Giselle. Q plays devil’s advocate.

Two men wanted for brutally beating and robbing a beloved comic book store clerk. Walt ponders what makes a clerk beloved. What would be the reaction if the same thing happened to someone that works at the Secret Stash?

Werewolf by Night gets released on Disney+. As one of Walt’s favorite characters he keeps his expectations low. Q and Walt enjoy Andor.

Bryan appearing on a live Who are These Podcasts show Oct. 15 in New York at the City Winery.

Numerous homeless people physically touch Q as he walks the streets of the West Village, he is later told one of them had scabies.

Senior citizens in Staten Island annoyed by loud “Boom Parties” going on across the river from New Jersey.

Bryan pleased at the Adam Levine meme some one made of him, acknowledges the online distaste of his pronunciation of “absurd”.

Q is past the age of enjoying a Caligula type party. Bryan claims Maribeth would not enjoy one either. She might be down for a toga party, maybe they can make a Caligula corner.

Q claims that Screech’s brand awareness is insane.

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