#533: Git Em’s Excellent Adventure

Featured Image by Eric Mason


Bry, Walt, and Q send Git Em back in time. Halloween Ends.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Git’em Steve Dave

Mentioned Person



“Ben Franklin, he’s like a rascal.” – Q

“You knew what you were getting when you tuned in.” – Bryan

“I didn’t think you cared about one dollar bills anymore.”- Walt to Q

“They might burn him at the stake.” – Q about Git’em

“Git’em sometimes plays with people like a cat plays with a mouse, but with intellect.” – Walt

“Safety Always, Git’em Steve Dave. That’s how he signs the Declaration of Independence.” – Walt

“You didn’t invent shit, you read a textbook based on the work of this guy, went back in time and used his own knowledge to steal his life away from him.”- Q

“I stood on the shoulders of giants and became even gianter.” – Git’em

“I’m not below subjugating myself to horrible conditions.” – Git’em

“It’s all about the Git’ems baby!” – Git’em on the 100 dollar bill

Memorable Moments:

Ranker.com lists TESD the funniest podcast in the land. The metrics of how that is decided remains unknown. Other rankings include “Artist with best 2022 record release” and “Greatest Founding Father”.

The guys begin discussing the founding fathers. Walt contends maybe they weren’t so great, “they weren’t so enlightened”, and that Ben Franklin could have just been a regular guy at the bar, “go Eagles”. Walt tries to figure out who is the great thinker of our age. Who would benefit more, Franklin coming to our age or Git’em going back to revolutionary time? Walt thinks Git’em would thrive back then from watching the show “Forged in Fire”.

After online response to his Tom vs Giselle discussion, Walt walks back his comments saying he was coming from an emotional spot and that of course divorce doesn’t ruin a family.

MeUndies ad spot tells the story of Jeff who doesn’t know the difference between wearing MeUndies and nothing at all much to his room mates chagrin.

Git’em arrives to chime in on his time displacement scenario and how he would wow the settlers with his knowledge of tungsten and chromium and cast aspersions on Franklin. He then goes on say how he’d coopt famous novels and release them as himself.

Bryan notes how he hasn’t been ragging on political correctness as often but reads that a law firm won’t hire Yale students due as a reaction to cancel culture.

Bryan blown away by Halloween Ends shittiness.

Q couldn’t get through The Munsters. Jimmy the Hair Guy liked it.

Walt was disappointed in Werewolf By Night because they didn’t portray the character of Jack Russel. Walt says She-Hulk did end on a good note by mimicking the original 1970s Hulk opening. Walt claims Charlie Cox as one of his three bros alongside Jim Halpert and Tom Brady.

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