#535: I WON’T Shut Up!

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There’s a know-it-all in the bunch this week. Guess who? Sponsor: ter.li/AmericanMusicalSupply-TESD


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Git’em Steve Dave

Mentioned Person



“How can that annoy anybody, that he thinks he knows everything? He doesn’t!” – Walt

“Hey you know maybe he comes across me and he realizes I’m not likable.” – Git’em

“Have you caught yourself mansplaining?” – Walt

“I’m here with someone with all the charm and pizazz of a BQ, but comes in the package of a Git’em” – Bryan

“He’s so above and beyond that, he mansplains to all sexes, he doesn’t see gender.” – Walt

Memorable Moments:

Walt wonders why people get so annoyed at Git’em being a know-it-all.

Can a man mansplain to another man?

Git’em admits to an instance of mansplaining to a reporter Joanna Stern on a tech website not realizing she was one of the leading experts on the program.

Git’em manned the TESD general store on Halloween but no one came to trick or treat. Bryan goes to Pam’s annual Halloween party. Bry proud that this holiday get together did not end up as the usual powder keg when Bryan has to double check what classic horror movies Pam was watching on her DVR. She claims to have watched “The Fog” in black and white and is adamant about it despite proof to the contrary that it wasn’t even shot in black and white and she must have meant “The Mist”.

Bryan wanted to talk to Q about Terrifer 2 but he didn’t come today. According to Q’s instagram you have to assume his life is just going to movies, rock concerts and playing with squirrels.

Collingswood is a no-go. They claimed to have no spaces for the TESD pop up in an arrogant and hostile way. Maribeth will be upset she was looking to unload a ton of Rick and Morty pops.

Git’em’s desire to be a background extra in a Netflix show like Dahmer. He reveals how he used to hang around the gay bar his mom worked at and had been hit on a few times. He was made over by a friend from her gay brother’s wardrobe prior to one instance.

With Collingswood gone Walt and Git’em plans a Black Friday event.

TESD has a new sponsor: American Musicial Supply, owned by an Ant.

A children’s museum worker dresses as Hitler for Halloween.

Kyrie Irving won’t apologize for tweeting a link to an anti-Semitic film on Amazon.

Kardashian Halloween game is on point as Mystique and Bride of Frankenstein. Lots of people point out to Git’em the Toy Story Jessie costume Kylie wore.

Git’em negotiates for some of that free MeUndies action.

Bill Murray in danger of being cancelled for being an asshole.

College sports reporter has a 2013 tweet come out from when she was 17 which forces her to apologize. Should people be judged on comments made in a different time and social mores.

Elon making weird decision to have celebs charge 8 bucks for the blue check mark. Twitter losing 4mil a day.

Who cares that much for verification? Git’em was devastated when he lost star status on Gawker.

Git’em is asked to be the tour guide for Airport Plaza when the Curator visits.

Daughter of legendary high school coach and school’s athletic trainer accused of sexually abusing at least six varsity players.

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