#536: Salmon in the Microwave

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Little House on the Prairie vs Police Woman, Ming goes to Dubai, Bry, Walt and Q join the Curator to give Git Em an employee evaluation


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

The Curator

Git’em Steve Dave

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“He is our only, well not technically, he is the only office employee but I do tell him that Socks has seniority.” – Walt about Git’em

“I feel as though I’ve been broken since then.” – Bryan about himself now versus early TESD

“Oh he is a fuckin’ prick its amazing.” – Quinn

“You and your generation can sit on it, Maribeth” – Walt as Bry

“Your eyes are so empty.” – Maribeth about Bry

“Do you think Bezos is on steroids?”- Walt

“The fuckk? You looking for Fair Lady or are you looking for some fuckking big cheeks slapping in front of your nose?” – Walt to Q

Memorable Moments:

What generation would you want to be part of. Walt thinks Quinn’s body would be too pussified to survive ancient Greece. Walt would want to be a poser greaser in the 50s. Bryan would want to be in the early 60s.

Bryan and Maribeth have been watching old episodes of Little House on the Prairie. Nothing goes on in that show. Walt suggests watching “Police Woman” about a 50 year old Angie Dickenson going under cover to bust porn rings.

Q recounts the New York Halloween Parade.

Which celebrities have come out the other end of black face and haven’t been cancelled.

Walt ponders if Bezos is using performance enhancing drugs, he’s turning into a super villain right in front of everyone. What makes recently single men try and get into shape and married men let it all go.

Bryan mentions he wears Raycons while blowing leaves leading Q to make the same “who’s Leaves” joke several times.

Sage calls Pam and her mom Karens for complaining about a restaurant being closed.

The Curator is in studio sitting in on the episode, the GOAT of TESD listeners.

Old people wander in to TESD Studios looking for a hearing aid store that used to occupy that space.

Gallagher and Kevin Conroy recently passed. Q recalls a time he was unable to smash a watermelon to Gallagher’s liking.

Q reveals that Benjamin Cat died over the weekend and how he appreciated all the ants reaching out.

Walt asks Quinn to explain Cryptocurrencies. Should TESD go public on the NY Stock Exchange? How would the shareholders earn a profit?

Walt says it is due time for Git’ems annual review. Should he be promoted from Office Coach to Office Manager? Walt gives Git’em a test to see if he deserves it. In each instance Walt portrays the angriest employee ever.

Test 1: How to handle an employee cooking fish in the microwave, stinking up the joint.

Test 2: How to handle a situation where the person in charge of music at an office party plays songs with volatile language.

Test 3: How to handle an employee who always gives unwanted physical compliments to the female workers.

Test 4: How to handle two employees talking about sexual exploits in the bathroom.

Test 5: How to handle an employee spending way too much time in the bathroom.

Test 6: How to handle other people’s food mysteriously missing from the break room.

Test 7: How to handle an employee making loud angry personal phone calls at work.

Test 8: How to perk up low morale at the office

Test 9: How to handle rumors of an office streaker. Bryan was once accused of walking out of a bathroom naked except for shoes.

Curator, Bryan and Quinn all think Git’em’s answers deserve the promotion. Walt has one big reason why he can’t. He doesn’t want to invest in a new uniform that says manager.

Walt’s mom insists on him taking vitamins but Walt will only take Flintstones. She purchases him a years worth of Flintstones gummies, which is not the classic vitamins of his youth.

Black Friday plans for the General Store. Baron and Coach Git’em will be there for pictures, Q will bring R&H merch for sale.

Git’em expresses interest in going to see Twerking contest at Fantasy’s. Q is not into twerking. Bry recalls a twerker holding up traffic.

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