#537: Jive Turkeys

Featured Image by Eric Mason


Bry, Walt, & Q talk concerts, thanksgiving, and Brady. Sponsor: ter.li/AmericanMusicalSupply-TESD


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn



“Sunday Jeff laughed too!!!!”

“And now I’m like, I eat a piece of turkey and I’m like, what happened, what changed?” – Walt

“Hey what was that girl like the other night? Pretty hot, but her asshole, slick turkey, all the way.” – Bryan

“Do wines be dated” – Walt

“Rock stars flame out!” – Walt

“What do you think you’re watching, what do you think we’re in the middle of” – Quinn

“She’s under more pressure than the San Andreas fault.” – Bryan

“Me and Daddy like dark meat!” – Pam

“I love spending money, my bestie loves spending money. Dada hates spending money.” – Sage

Memorable Moments:

Walt makes Q promise not to drink on Thanksgiving or Black Friday seeing as he is still processing the loss of Benjamin Cat. Quinn has been working hard on several projects including a new tour with Sal and Murr which has not gave him much time to think.

As he ages Walt is finding he does not enjoy the taste of turkey as once he did. Q suggests smoking the turkey or using beer as the old turkey lubricant. Walt says you don’t see much turkey in fast food places leading Quinn to propose opening their own chain, Turkeyz with a Z.

Maribeth is hosting Thanksgiving for the first time and is trying hard to impress with many festive decorations that Walt thinks will just go unnoticed by most of the male relatives. Quinn suggests sneaking in a sexy turkey with big breasts among the decorations. Walt asks Bryan to make Pam, Maribeth and Tracy to not drink on Thanksgiving like Q.

Sage and Maribeth have been thinking of starting a twitch channel.

New Black Friday Merch is announced.

Git’em is known to sleep 40 hours straight on his two days off, going into a coma like hibernation.

Walt and Bryan have a boys night out to see WASP. Listening to the songs he used to 40 years ago makes Walt nostalgic thinking about his teenage hopes and aspirations, and seeing that he managed to achieve the good family and job he likes. Walt believes Blackie Lawless might have been lip syncing.

Us listeners miss out on some riveting Texas Roadhouse conversation when some of the recording is lost. Declan does not cut out the production meeting as instructed.

Quinn saw an odd bumper sticker while driving in Manhattan today “One kind of protection is unfeasibility of sin.” What does it mean.

Walt also saw something odd in the wild at the Englishtown Auction. Some guy was wearing a very X-rated shirt. Q recalls seeing a guy wearing a shirt that sad “Sorry boys, I eat pussy.”

Giselle is already dating her Jujitsu instructor. Was something going on before the divorce? Walt believed Tom and Giselle were like Jim and Pam. Bryan expresses his disgust for Jim and how he thinks he is better than everyone else at The Office. Walt claims that’s exactly like how they treat Git’em, who is the Dwight of the General Store.

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