The Curator aka SModfan aka Chancellor aka Comptroller aka Corrections Officer aka Chupacabra aka Commodore 64 aka Chronologist aka Kardashian aka Crypt Keeper aka Curmudgeon


“Smodfan has one foot on the ledge and the other on a banana peel.” -Bry

“SModfan No!” – Walt


The Curator earned the reputation of being TESD’s top historian and memorabilia collector, getting his name from the impressive display of TESD items adorning his walls. Much like Fitzman in the early days of the pod, the Curator is now used as a representation of the listenership at large. In the past he also has recorded his own podcast with other TESD Town alumni Brian Maxwell, called Joints and Joysticks

The Curator has also generously provided many services for the TESD ants, listed below.

The TESD Omnibus

Comprehensive list of all post show music and bands

A TESD Forum

TESD Trivia

TESD Magic the Gathering Cards

First Mentioned:

#377: Return of the Mack Daddy

First Appearance:

#536: Salmon in The Microwave

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