#538: Kids in Satan’s Service

Featured Image by TESD Town


Post-Thanksgiving wrap up, Bry spends a day Blue Octobering, unusual after-school clubs.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Frank 5



“Just run me over, go ahead, I know you want to!” – Walt

“You got Alex like ‘wake up ese!'” -Bryan to Walt

“I just feel so sorry for Edgar.” – Walt

“Bry looks bored, let’s argue.” – Walt as Pam

“If Pam was a guy, she’d be Mike Zapcic. She can’t take it.” – Bryan

“Your homophobic jokes would make anybody feel better.” – Walt to Bryan about saving lives like Blue October

Memorable Moments:

Bryan mentions Walt might be low energy this episode. Walt says it’s due to two days of tryptophan laden turkey.

Frank #5 had a traditional Thanksgiving (that he actually attended) with kids running around and many tables.

Maribeth hosted the Johnson holiday this year and made food for about 18 people when they only were hosting 8. No one would take leftovers. Pam gets giddy on prosecco and gets in an argument with Bry’s sister about her not getting to pick what color to paint her bedroom as a kid. Pam won’t stay out of the kitchen while Maribeth is trying to prepare food. After 6 hours Edgar is ready to leave but Pam wants to party more. Instead of one of the kids driving Edgar home so Pam can stay later it devolves into passive aggressive comments and Pam making herself a martyr leaving early. Edgar is in need of a cochlear implant, should he be the beneficiary of Cochlear pod 3? He used to wear hearing aids when Bry was younger but Bryan has no recollection of this.

Bryan reveals that instead of being a Frank 5 episode it was almost a Blue October episode as they were recently in town and Maribeth, a fan of the group, reached out for a potential interview but it fell through due to a late tour bus. Bry recounts his anniversary present to Maribeth which was tickets to the show and a meet and greet. Bryan remarks how fandoms are all similar with fans of Blue October telling them that their music saved them the same way ants say the same to them.

Alex sends Bryan an article about a Californian after school Satan club. The Satanic Temple started a club to teach free thinking and individualism.

Walt urges Frank #5 to get into the Christmas spirit and get Mary a really good gift this year. Walt puts a VR football game on his list.

Bryan mentions watching you tube series about dead malls and stores of America. Walt asks what dead restaurant everyone would bring back and then chastises Frank for his choice of Howard Johnsons. Walt wants to bring back the Sizzler.

Bryan headed to Orlando and asking for suggestions of cool things to do that aren’t the major theme parks.

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