#539: Mr. Glass

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Thanksgiving attire, when does the honeymoon stage end, Bry refrains from entering an argument. Sponsor: ter.li/AmericanMusicalSupply-TESD


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn



“That’s what I should be thankful for? That my wife isn’t risking my life for no reason?” – Bryan about the life threatening tater tots.

“I’d be upfront, like I’d be like “look, maybe you’re noticing my hands, it’s because I’m going to live until I am 190 at least, and the tradeoff is scaly hands. I’ve got to inject it with tortoise DNA”. -Quinn

“He’ll put on that coach uniform and prance around?” – Quinn

“On all their flags it just says ‘Why Bother'” – Bryan

“Chill is not the word I’d use to describe him” – Quinn on Darin

Memorable Moments:

Black Friday merch still available at the time of this recording.

Maribeth posted a picture of Johnson Thanksgiving and Darin was catching flak online for his attire of tank top and sunglasses on his head.

Bryan proud he didn’t argue with Pam when she erroneously insists she saw “The Fog” in black and white when it’s never been filmed or shown that way. Pam’s posture has become troll-like.

Kanye takes a stand on the side of Hitler. Walt wonders how you can ever get sponsors again and compares him to a hacky Yoko Ono after looking him up and seeing him on SNL. Taylor Swift fans swamp the Kanye reddit to support the Jewish community.

People are being much ruder to Sunday Jeff at his other job these days, Walt posits it could be the rise of anti-Semitism.

Bryan gets annoyed at a self-righteous “Do Better” bumper sticker. Quinn suggests releasing a “Do Bitter” sticker.

Walt checks in with Quinn to see if he was boozing it up on Thanksgiving. Q says his days of drinking to excess are over. Walt imagines a drunken Q screaming at Sunday Jeff for high prices.

Walt traveled to NYC to see the Rockettes, falls asleep multiple times.

Bryan wonders when you know the honeymoon phase is over when broken glass ends up in his Crispy Crowns.

Bryan longs for the days of the crooked house over the ordeals he deals with as a home owner now.

Christmas episode coming out December 15 on Patreon and Band Camp. Walt says the expectations are always so high.

Johnathan the Tortoise is the oldest living land animal at 190 years old. Walt asks if the guys would inject Tortoise DNA collected by Git’em to live longer, even if his hands and feet turn scaly? What if Maribeth took it to stay young but then could only speak at a turtle’s pace?

In Little House on the Prairie news, Bryan is convinced Nellie Olson is a sociopath.

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