#540: Hot Grandma

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Bry goes to Orlando, Married with Children, Ship Breaker, questions are answered.


Bryan Johnson

Brian Quinn

ReOccuring Segments

Space Monkeys

Listener Questions


“So Fuck Chuck, I guess?” – Q

“Why am I sitting here marveling at the fact a Grandma can be younger than me?” – Bryan

Memorable Moments:

Does Flanagan-less mean rudderless? Bryan doesn’t go to Reddit but Chuck reports back to him with the hot takes.

Kenny Rubenis starts an Instagram illustrating classic Tell’em Steve Dave moments: TESDComics

Quinn ponders what it would be like to have a Chuck on staff to make all his dreams come true.

Q takes what is owed him from the Green Rooms on tour by absconding with all the Fiji water.

Bryan goes to Orlando over his birthday and stays away from all the big parks, loved the relaxed feeling. He visits Gatorland. One exhibit is literally just a raccoon. Q remembers having to wrestle an alligator for his backpack in an episode of Impractical Jokers.

Bryan annoyed by a giant Ferris wheel which was sticky, made him stand the whole time, and would start and stop for 20 minutes.

Maribeth wanted to go on the Slingshot, Bryan says you are just asking to have a cable snap and be shot into the air. The ticket taker says they don’t do that anymore “since the accident”. A 14 year old kid fell from the harness and died.

Hot Grandma at the pool took a shine to Sage when she was playing in the pool. She was younger than Bry, in a bikini with a belly ring. Her husband was good looking too making Bry self conscious.

A Denny’s waitress gets too personal by describing why she can’t eat any grain.

Maribeth wins a portrait for her and Bryan from a local business. They claim a 2,500 dollar value. Bry wonders what the catch is, the up-sale is for the frame and matting. Bryan does not want to have it done as someone that doesn’t like getting his picture taken. Where would one even hang a giant portrait of themselves, Q suggests the guest bedroom with the eyes taken out like ones in old movies with hidden passages behind them.

The Space Monkeys take some listener phone calls.

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