#541: Tuna Slop

Featured Image by Eric Mason


Bry has an idea for a YouTube channel, online dilemmas, portrait follow-up.


Bryan Johnson

Brian Quinn

ReOccuring Segments

Space Monkeys


“When did ‘Fuck It’ become such a bad thing?” – Bryan

“Stay out of that pool, bruh!” – Quinn

Memorable Moments:

Last week Walt sick, this week he’s tripping down to Smithville.

10 killer minutes of content lost due to speaking into the wrong mic as Q’s microphone was not recording.

Was Comic Book Men cancelled or just not renewed? Bryan admits he misses it.

Q and Bry would rather do anything other than be a prof like Frank 5 and have to deal with the current generation.

Bryan used to be really into recycling and doing things the right way but then see’s states like Ohio that don’t enforce it and don’t have recycling centers and wonders if his efforts even matter. Q says the only way to stop plastic waste is to stop all plastic manufacturing.

Bry lifts his household ban on Aldi’s due to their delicious Iced Tea.

Q tries to comfort Bryan that no one is going to loop him in with the evil middle aged white men on the internet.

Bryan Maxwell texts Quinn with a picture of him and an ALF shirt.

Bryan names himself “Moron of the Week” and reveals the second part of the Portrait saga. Bryan and Maribeth go to get it done and Bry is surprised that they say it is done after only 20 minutes. Then the photos are projected up on the wall to select which one they want to get painted and Bryan hates looking at pictures of himself. They then get quoted $6,100 for the painting. It turns out that Maribeth only won a voucher for 2500 off or the smallest size portrait there is for free. Maribeth spends her parent’s Christmas money to get the nice one.

Quinn visits his parents at the Villages in Florida and admires the party atmosphere and early bed time. He has a great time at a firing range.

During an ad for Green Chef Bryan mentions being disgusted by a dish Maribeth made with Tuna and Noodles. Q suggests they spend some time apart in the house. Make his basement the He Man Woman Haters Club.

Ming goes to an average of 60 cons a year. There is a 10 hour minimum you need to be at a con in Dubai. Bryan wouldn’t dare break a rule there, imagines himself hanging over the arena with Ming watching and eating popcorn.

Bryan comes up with an idea for a new YouTube Channel. Recently the power went out at his house in a storm and he burst into Sage’s room to spook her instead to be met with stark terror. Should the YouTube channel be dedicated to scaring special needs kids or the elderly like Pam.

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