#542: The Sting, too

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Walt’s absence is explained, Bry and Q get yelled at, what color is YOUR loofah?


Bryan Johnson

Brian Quinn

Walt Flanagan

ReOccuring Segments


“If the doctor said the only way to make you feel better is to suck it out? Ida been like ‘let’s go’.”- Walt

“Did a man touch your penis, that’s what I’m getting at” – Quinn

“How much more do you want from me Mother Fucker?” – Bryan as Walt talking to God

“I’d be happy to bathe in my own urine at this point.” – Walt

Memorable Moments:

Walt is back after a 6 week hiatus due to a health scare. Walt tells the harrowing tale of his month long affliction beginning with the inability to urinate. After three days he goes to the ER only to be turned away being told they can’t help him. Walt even asks for pain killers to help him sleep. Walt gets a catheter to empty his bladder to tremendous relief. He is told he should be able to pee normally but to keep the catheter in for a week. He ends up having to return to the hospital as it did not work. A specialist needs to thread a scope to check out possible cause. An enlarged prostate leads to surgery with little robots. Walt helped Bryan move a lot of boxes still with a catheter in, Bryan wishes he knew he would have hired someone. As the surgery day approaches Walt has cold feet and thinks living with a catheter isn’t so bad. Walt goes in early after the previous patient chickens out. Walt comes out of anesthesia with Andre the Giant’s catheter in him and labored breathing. On the other side of the crisis Walt is given the all clear but now fears needing to go back due to a stinging sensation. Walt tosses his pain killers after only taking half of one. Walt proud of his morning wood despite the catheter.

Walt adds Cranberry juice to his list of things he will ingest.

Walt gets a hook up at an Illinois comic book shop Tim’s Corner Comics. Walt drew up a t-shirt design to thank him for the discount.

Bry appears on two podcasts “Reviewing History Podcast” and “The Creep Off”

Different colored loofahs hanging on golf costs at The Villages indicates different activities in the swinging community. Q is accosted by a grumpy old lady questioning his FD jacket, vaccine status, and political affiliations.

Bryan hassled by a crossing guard in front of a school. Bryan and Q devise a plan to prank her by having Maribeth flash her.

YouTube shorts about construction fails, trucks overturning, dogs reuniting with owners, and hero crossing guards.

Quinn legally grows a 7′ high pot plant. He is now harvesting it and distributing it to friends. Walt worried that rival drug kingpins might target him for encroaching on their turf.

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