#543: No Apologies

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Madonna’s tour video, Bry runs a prank by Walt and Q, Walt brings a new game


Bryan Johnson

Brian Quinn

Walt Flanagan

Git’em Steve Dave

Games Played

All Apologies


“You’re talkin about one friend suckin’ another friends dick.” – Q

“I would never disown any episode of TESD, maybe the ones I wasn’t on.” – Walt

“Double fisting networks.” – Walt

“They were castrated.” – Bry

“Rare chance I’m wrong” – Git’em

“It’s a blast, I talk about my dead cat.” – Q

“We don’t got jobs but we got balls!”- Bryan

“Oh what’s that, a tail between my legs? How’d that get there?” – Bryan about Walt’s apology.

Memorable Moments:

Impractical Jokers celebrates the start of season 10: 12 years of making people laugh. Brett Michaels and Paul Rudd appear on the premier. Walt asks if it’s easier for famous people to get along with other famous people. Kal Penn’s agents tell the Jokers not to talk about Harold and Kumar but Kal himself loved discussing it.

Bryan asks if the Jokers would promote their new tour the same cringeworthy way that Madonna announced hers with her sitting around a table with celebrities playing truth or dare.

Bryan, Quinn and Sunday Jeff are going to discuss the cult classic Basket Case on an upcoming Sunday Grind.

Frank 5’s love of onion rings is so great that he subjects himself to extreme digestive distress. Q wears the Frank 5 pin in an episode of Jokers this season.

Walt jokes Mike joined the mile high club when he went up in the Batcopter on Comic Book Men. Walt remembers seeing a tweet diatribe claiming all the show was was Bryan making gay jokes and that’s why it never got more viewers and were cancelled.

Bryan asks Walt and Q their opinions on a hypothetical plan by the Prank Superstar. He wants Troy to call Maribeth’s parents saying they did a well fare check and ask if they’ve heard from her, that Bryan was not cooperating with the investigation to make them believe Bry killed their daughter. No one thinks it would be funny.

If Kevin, Mike, and Ming are all murdered three weeks apart how would Bry or Walt change up their daily routine to avoid the same grisly fate. How long before they realize they are targeting the cast of Comic Book Men. Walt says he’d go on a long sabbatical, put up a Ring system and a beware of dog sign.

Walt’s doctor is revealed to be a listener after he calls him after hearing the last episode to reassure him the stinging was normal. Q asks if he tried to upsell the doc to subscribe to Patreon.

Facebook and Instagram could soon lift the nipple ban in some cases.

Tom Brady eliminated in the play offs. Walt worries for his future. Git’em claims to have inside information from someone that works at Giant Stadium (Git’em’s Dad) that the Jets are going to sign Brady for two years and are changing the turf to grass solely for Tom’s benefit. Walt brings Git’em to the table to question him on this bombshell as he wants TESD to be the first to report it. Is Git’em worried that the big wigs might find out who leaked the info?

Walt and Git’em challenge Bryan and Quinn to a game of All Apologies where they will be graded on apolgizing for hypothetical situations provided to them. Q made a formal apology for the Ching Chong Song despite not ever being called out on it. Walt once made a public apology for something he said on TESD that he didn’t find women funny and Kev’s wife Jen blasted him on Twitter 10 days before the show premiers.

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