#547: Absentee Podcaster


Jackson Mahomes is corny AF, Super Bowl, Ming’s IG post confuses people, Bry dusts off an old joke.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Git’em Steve Dave

Sunday Jeff

Games Played

IQ Pest


“Who at this table hasn’t pitched a fit at a restaurant” – Walt

“Psh..wha..Tell ‘Em Steve Dave” – Bryan

“bros before hoes! I’m gonna make that bitch suck your dick!” – Walt

“What about when you were dancing, asshole!” – Walt

“Ming passes his drivers license?” – Sunday Jeff

“He has PTESD”- Sunday Jeff

Memorable Moments:

Quinn misses this week due to horrible injuries suffered at the hands of Pro Wrestlers on AEW.

Jackson Mahomes, Patrick’s corny brother, is trying to become Tik Tok famous dancing like a fool. Walt says Sunday Jeff should try to do similar antics behind his famous brother Craig.

Walt displeased with the premature ejaculation truck Super Bowl commercial.

Git’em is basically living at the General Store.

Why were there so many Jesus commercials during the Super Bowl.

Ming posts an Instagram ad for Shared Universe satirizing the viral story of Nettie’s banning kids from their restaurants but only ends up looking like a pedo.

Bryan wants Ming to sit his kids down and in a serious tone say he has something important to tell them, only to deadpan say “Me Chinese, me play joke. Me put peepee in your coke.”

Walt unveils a new game “IQ Pest” where Sunday Jeff, Bryan, and Git’em have to guess if Git’em’s IQ of 148 is higher or lower than many historic geniuses.

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