#529: Oyster Boners

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Bry continues to battle his pool, 9/11 menus, Sage stands up for Dada.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Mentioned Person



“I didn’t go to pool school, what the hell do I know?” – Bryan

“I’ve got enough boners.” – Walt

“My boner days are over.” – Bryan

“Rich people go to heaven.” – Q

“Of course he wants to be a tampon, he feels bad about himself.” – Bryan

“No King of mine should ever speaketh about being a tamponeth.”- Walt

“You are making Ming look like a homebody, he’s Howard Hughes next to you!”- Walt to Q

“I know I just said fuck Casper but I didn’t mean it, I was talking about the ghost!” – Bryan

“Clam’s not even an animal, just a piece of disgusting snot.” – Walt

“I’m trying to get my (beard) long enough to cover my FUPA, I’ll win this battle yet!” -Bryan

“Fuck my FUPA, I need a cookie.” -Walt

Memorable Moments:

Walt suggests making this episode a tribute to the Queen and put it on bandcamp to raise money for the new King Tampon. Walt and Bry reminisce about Phillip’s love letter to Camilla.

Bryan takes a step back from his anti-Converse stance after learning both Walt and J-Sarge wear Chuck Taylors. Other hated clothes are Disney character shirts on people less than ten or retired people.

A sweepstakes winner got to take 50 guests with them to Disney World.

Why is Ming currently at a drone trade show?

A mattress salesman once tells Bryan a weird stereotype that all Asians like firm beds.

The oldest Koi ever lived was 226 years old. Clams can live up to 507.

Walt is on the hunt for a Detroit Style Pizza.

Bryan almost has a fatal accident falling into the pool holding onto a plugged-in electric leaf blower after stepping into an open pool filter. When told Sage can only ask if he caught it on video.

Walt has never heard of chub rub but once heard a customer at a pizza parlor comment on her FUPA problem.

Sage sticks up for Bryan during a road rage incident by yelling out her window for the driver to stop bullying her Dada.

Is there trouble in paradise between Mr. and Mrs. Tom Brady. Since Tom couldn’t walk away from football on Gisele’s request could Walt and Bryan quit TESD if asked by their wives?

A country club hosts a brunch in remembrance to 9-11. It is not in good taste.

She Hulk goes twerking. Walt wishes he could gain some pounds in the backside.

#528: Koi-tastrophe

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Walt brings some banter topics, dungarees, Bry’s pool gives him trouble.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Nashel

Mentioned Person



“I thought I knew it all, I thought I knew at least some!” – Bryan

“I am a pussy” – Walt

“So I was wearing jeans yesterday, for a special occasion.”- Walt

“I’m predicting it right now, Bill Gates will have to repair the internet.” -Walt

“Hey, you want a pizza? I’m gonna call a plumber.” – Walt

“I’ve got fuckin’ mustard algae to deal with, I’m not painting the laundry room.”- Bryan

“Did Mr. Magoo make it?” – Walt

“Also don’t worry, I’m gonna fuck up lots in the future.” -Bryan

“I’m a pretty good swallower.”- Nashel

“Suddenly your wife’s a lesbian.” – Bryan

Memorable Moments:

Brian Nashel joins Bryan and Walt at the table this week to start off “Tales Behind the Fake Counter” month on Patreon. TESD Town is abuzz with speculation of cast changes of the Comic Book Men recap show.

Walt finds 5 different CBM banter topics that he never turned into Nashel while it was still on the air.

Brian Nashel is one of the few people from the crew that Bryan and Walt still stay in touch with. Nashel comments how close people get while working on a show but then after it wraps they all go their separate ways.

Bryan pitches a reality show where someone buys a house but is totally ill-equipped to handle any of what needs to be done for home ownership. Bry having a hard time dealing with his pool’s mustard algae and possible gas leak. Walt offers up his wife’s services as an expert pool maintenance person.

The Johnson estate’s painting project extends from 2 rooms to the entire house.

25-30% of Bryan’s koi have died, the Johnson curse strikes again. The old owners left without making sure the water levels were correct.

Bryan says he is much more open to other peoples ideas recently and even has come to terms with Edgar. Walt suggests a father son camping trip to bond more.

Bryan and Walt can not do the Tough Love routine with their girls.

School dress codes leads to discussion of how old you can be until the goth look, skinny jeans and Chuck Taylors are no longer ok to wear.

Walt wears jeans for the first time in years and has realizes they are not for him.

Monkee’s are suing to get the files that the FBI was collecting on them.

Nashel used to work at MTV and hates being asked why they stopped playing music videos. Billy Squire ruins his career with a single video writhing on the floor.

Walt’s lost banter topics:

If you could become a powerful superhero by uttering a magic word, but each time you do you lose massive amounts of testosterone and by the third usage would be 100% female, would you do it?

Would you rather have a mint copy of Action Comics #1 or have amazing toe-curling orgasms that leave you with the most intense O face for the rest of your life?

Would you rather the ability to control animals or control machines?

You find out through a series of innocent mistakes that when someone catches you undressed the emotion of shock gives you super powers. Would you become a flasher for powers?

Firestorm is a unique superhero as it is two consciousness in one body, what older gentleman would you want to share a body with?

#526: Foreign Chicken Fingers

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Stolen houseplants, Blue October, Bry is a CH from leaving the crooked house behind


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Git’em Steve Dave

Mentioned Person



“i gave him a wedgie and french fries fell out!” – Walt

“How many oranges do you eat a year? Seven?” – Walt

“No one told me it took like 3 years to produce the first orange! Why did I even plant this?” –

“I wanted to feel the beast in between my legs.” – Walt

“He shut the door in Q’s face and in through the window crawls Git’em Steve Dave” -Bryan

“How y’all Stankin” – Git’em

“I’m a genius yes, but not a comedic genius” -Git’em

“We should throw all our weight behind drowning muskrats.” – Bryan

“Stop licking me. What am I, made of ice cream or something?” – Bryan

Memorable Moments:

Should Git’em get a solo Patreon show? “What’s it Rate with 148”.

Git’em and Walt to appear on Chuck Staton’s new podcast “Funbearable”. Git’em was in his glory with all the fast paced pop culture references. Walt’s never seen him so excited.

Walt wants to do a show with his daughters riffing on a Gamera movie and asked Git’em to write some jokes, it falls flat with Carl Sagan impression and Master of Disguise quotes.

Bryan finds it harder and harder to remember where references come from.

Bryan listens to The Office Ladies podcast and thinks “Who does this shit” and then remembers Tales Behind the Fake Counter and realizes “We do that”.

Walt questions if Bryan’s habit of falling asleep to Forensic Files is good for his mental health. It was much easier to get away with murder 20 years ago. The CSI effect helps criminals learn what to avoid and also makes juries expect complete and perfect evidence.

99% of all hitmen are undercover cops.

In an effort to stop wetting his bed a 13 year old Git’em recorded a subliminal message tape for him to listen to while asleep. Walt questions if Git’em shares any other of the McDonald Triad traits. He does like to watch bonfires and has had to kill small animals on the farm.

Bry and Maribeth go see another Blue October show, Walt deems it Skinny Jean Rock. Maribeth is Pam levels obsessed with the band.

Bryan wants to go people watch at a Kid Rock concert.

Bryan and Maribeth moving into their new house this upcoming week. Bry considers planting an orange tree.

Tom Brady conspiracy theories abound. Is he on the Masked Singer?

Walt has to rent a truck to help move furniture to his brother in law’s house, Git’em compliments how quickly he picked it up.

#525: The Hammer

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Are cats an alien species?, Batgirl, is spaz offensive?


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Mentioned Person



“If you ain’t spazzin, you ain’t fuckin!” – Walt

“Look at the Spaz in the cape” – Walt

“Dude where’s the bro code?” Q on Bill Clinton

“Is it evidence? Was it your uncle?” Q on keeping the dress.

Memorable Moments:

Bryan feeling ill, has COVID symptoms but tested negative.

While driving the dogs to the General Store when Socks has a freak accident when her leash gets caught on something and gets ripped out of the car. Walt has to spend hours in the Emergency Animal Hospital.

Walt paid top dollar for Cooper as a French Bulldog, but he has been told that there is no way he’s pure bread and most likely has English Bulldog in there.

Git’em wants to get a fringe jacket after seeing an old David Cassidy video from the 70s. Walt suggests fringe shirt, pants and hat as well. Bry and Walt remember a kid in high school that always wore a leather jacket with his gym shorts. Dave Wyndorf used to wear a fringe vest with no shirt underneath while working at the comic shop.

Bry suggests a Sunday Jeff vs Pam pop culture trivia challenge.

Lizzo is called out for using the term Spaz in a song. In the UK it is the equivalent of the word ‘retard’, which Q believes is making a comeback.

Beyoncé is pulling a George Lucas by altering previous recordings. She also used the term Spaz in a lyric containing “Spazzing on that ass”. Walt believes that all people should endeavor to spaz on ass, otherwise you aren’t giving it your all. Monica Lewinsky also requested changing a 2013 lyric “Lewinsky on my gown”.

Walt asks what the reaction would be if you came across a dress with a stain that your partner kept as a memento of a previous lover? What if she kept an old love letter, if Bryan found something Cletus wrote to Maribeth.

Brad Pitt wears a skirt, or is it a kilt? Q wishes capes would be popular again.

Batgirl get’s shelved, Walt’s meter not moved. Walt asks Q to use connections to get copies of the cancelled Batgirl and Scooby Doo movie for Walt to get back into the bootlegging game.

Walt finally watching Stranger Things and really digs it. He asks why they haven’t done another show that follows young actors growing up. Q flabbergasted that Will Byers is Walt’s favorite character. Q loves Steve’s redemption arc.

Q watches Sandman.

Walt announces a satellite location at the Collingswood auction. There is an opening for a booth at the indoor market in November and December.

#524: Cletus’ World

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Bry witnesses a savage attack, Q has a new best friend, are cats aliens?


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Frank 5

Mentioned Person



So everyone sounds like Donald Duck? -Walt 

He does have a memory for grievances, this ‘spite file’ – Q

This is fucking bullshit!-Q

You go to Ohio, you’re worshipped like a god. I go to Ohio, I have to move furniture for two straight days sweating like a fucking pig!- Bry

I was waiting for some pizza or something, maybe an acknowledgment of my humanity.- Bry

I tried to convince him we went to high school together but he was a good twenty years younger than me. – Bryan

I gotta watch Moonraker I can’t move these couches!- Bry

There’s nothing wrong with a little buck teeth! He’s hot as hell! – Walt about Cletus

How about a sweet tea & A- Bry as Maribeth

Memorable Moments:

Walt ponders how Frank 5 could usurp Sunday Jeff’s top spot in TESD favorite guests.

Bryan recounts his trip to Ohio to help move furniture and pick up some things for his new house. Walt asks why he didn’t just hire movers. Bry and Walt once helped Kevin move back in the day only to find out he didn’t have anything packed ahead of time and once they got to the new location he got into a big fight with his girlfriend and retired to his room without any thanks to the boys. Walt never remembers the slights in his life.

During his visit to Ohio Bryan witness Maribeth’s aunt’s dog Dante (Snoogans) maul a groundhog. Bryan tried to turn the hose on it but Dante was not deterred. He got Maribeth to take care of it.

Q was disrespected by a hawk that would not respond to his attempts to shoo it away from eating a squirrel. He tried to do a post mortem autopsy to make sure it wasn’t his friend Stumpy. He buried the dead squirrel in a poison ivy patch unintentionally and is dealing with the repercussions. Q is now worried about taking walks with Benjamin Cat.

Bry has to return to New Jersey early so leaves Maribeth to finish packing the Pod to have things sent back. On his way back he gets a speeding ticket and believes he was profiled due to his NJ license plate. Q posits what would happen if one of Maribeth’s old beaus finds out that she’s back in town without her husband. Walt, apparently confused about the geography of Ohio, names this hypothetical ex Cletus and the playacting that follows will go down in TESD history.

Q’s latest celebrity best friend is Dr. Craig, the shark doctor that saved Q’s hand when a shark mistook it for a squid in the water.

Subway restaurants offer free food for life for the first person to get a 12×12 tattoo of a foot long. Bryan asks how much would they have to offer to get a tattoo of Jared.

Poland labels cats as an invasive alien species.

Scientist’s finally acknowledge that a species of lake creatures similar to Nessie could be possible due to fossils found.

Science refutes Cosmo by asserting that Blue Balls is a real medical condition.

Walt goes to see Chicago and the Beach Boys, Q goes to see the Grateful Dead.

#523: Bruce Almighty

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The boys give Rob Bruce a TESD send off.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Brian Nashel

Mentioned Person



“Rob was a character, but he also HAD character.” – Brian Nashel

Memorable Moments:

This tribute to Rob Bruce was recorded shortly after his passing and given to his family for use as a fundraiser. After many months it was uploaded on the TESD main feed for the world to hear.

Q opens the tribute up with a few words and a retraction from Rob’s Overkill appearance that he now no longer doubts that if anyone alive could meet an angel and still care about toys and flea markets it would be Rob Bruce.

Walt recalls meeting Rob Bruce for the first time at Rob’s store on Monmouth Street, Groove Spot. Bryan first met Rob when he was managing the original Secret Stash also on Monmouth Street and Rob expected Bryan to honor his 20% discount provided by the original Steve Dave.

Brian Nashel has many fond memories and a real appreciation of Rob as a character and as an integral part of Comic Book Men as a producer, despite often rubbing other staff and crew the wrong way.

Brian Nashel recalls a story about a time Rob Bruce thought that Brian O’Holloran was cheating at poker and an argument broke out. Walt reveals that getting people angry was part of Rob’s strategy to get them off their game. There was a weekly bounty put out for anyone that could defeat Rob at poker night.

Walt talks about how he reconciled with Rob after he was banned from the Stash and how disappointed he was that he didn’t speak to him for a year out of “misplaced loyalty”. Rob helped Walt get the hand held tv’s used in the “Let’s all go ToHo the movies” opening.

Bryan and Nashel talk about how genuine Rob was and how when he asked about your family, you could tell he really cared.

On the final episode of Comic Book Men it is poetic that Rob puts on the Stash shirt and works with Walt and gets to appear at the pod table at the end of the episode.


#522: The Sin of Happiness

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Q’s in the dumps, 4th of July, Amish gazebos, the boys celebrate a murder.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Mentioned Person



“Why the fuck did I open my fuckin’ mouth and say anything to the universe about being happy?” – Q

“Are we talking Christian Bale level, Tom Cruise level?” – Walt about Q’s blow up.

“We should call a sensitivity coach right about now.” – Walt

“Belligerent wasn’t even on the menu bro.” -Q

“This Hershey bar is gonna get you fucked up, bro.” – Walt

ReOccuring Segments:

Listener Advice

Memorable Moments:

One week after saying he was happy Q has jinxed it and had a hell of a week compounded with depression. The only good day was the July 4 BBQ surrounded by friends. Git’em and Sal were kings of the pool.

Q had a blow up on the set of IJ when he kept getting interrupted trying to answer an email. Ming Chen was on the set at the time as they were filming in the building one of Ming’s studios are in. Q tried to get him in on a bit but Ming was too busy.

Since IJ has been on the air so long some new crew members are quite a bit younger than the rest and have started raising concerns about some of the jokes being seen as offensive. An example of this is when filming a bit about a séance, one crew member asked if burning sage was cultural appropriation. Bryan acknowledges if he could be back on tv he would listen to everything a millennial tells him.

Walt imagines Q’s July 4th party as a debaucherous weed den, but would have attended with Debbie anyway. Bryan impressed with Q’s fancy tightly rolled towels. Git’em and Bryan wanted to commandeer the audio system to play Git’em’s version of Closer. Git’em almost knocked a kid into the pool when he missed a step on the Gazebo.

Walt to challenge customers to Ping Pong for a 50% discount on their entire order. A makeshift ping pong table is set in the studio with a retractable net.

Young female crew members star struck meeting THE Benjamin Cat.

Walt can never go in a hot tub again after being cooked alive during Mallrats getting horrible cramps. Q buys an inflatable $700 hot tub as a joke. It was supposed to be a 7 person tub, but after 5 it became full on “man stew” with everyone rubbing knees.

Walt suggests CareOf to get the secret formula for Flintstone vitamins and start selling them. Walt used to pop Dinos like they were drugs, he attributes his current good health to the vitamins 30 years ago.

Bryan asks if it is ok to be happy to hear that someone was murdered. There was a big game hunter in Africa that was shot and killed. Q says that yes, there is one person in particular that he will celebrate his death, the more violent the better. He claims this guy is partially responsible for Bryan’s carjacking.

Is NJ set to legalize magic mushrooms? Bryan once ate an entire chocolate bar infused with psilocybin but felt nothing. Walt suggests he was duped. Walt says putting the drugs into edibles is a cheap move and if you want the high so much you need to eat the shitty gross mushrooms.

Walt, Bry and Q give advice to a listener who just found out the man he thought was his dad for 35 years isn’t his biological father through a commercial DNA ancestry site. The man that raised him paid 18 years of child support. Bryan would use the information to blackmail the mother. Walt would do absolutely nothing, as it is the easiest course of action. Q would approach it unemotionally and want to get to know his bio dad.

#521: Cruisin’ With The Oldies

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Q secures his place in heaven, Walt proves his ping-pong prowess, Bry takes a step towards living like a real human.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Frank 5

Mentioned Person



“nooch nooch smoking beers smoking beers”- Walt

“You deserve mid-tier.”-Q

“It’s not like I’m fuckin’ Johnny two-dicks over here.” – Q

“How much scotch can you give a 4 year old.” – Frank 5

“There’s a guy out there talking about giving coke to little kids.” – Bryan

“That’s why you don’t win at the casino, cuz you don’t have good karma.” – Frank 5 quoting Walt

“Fuckin’ Wimpy over here.” -Bryan about Walt’s love of hamburgers.

“You’re still my number one.” – Walt to Sunday Jeff

“That’ll happen with fabulous wealth and fame.” – Bryan about Q’s happiness.

Memorable Moments:

Q hangs out with Paul Rudd and Richard Kind while doing a charity event for sick children called the Big Slick raising 3.5 million dollars. Q once so excited to get a call from Richard Kind which he couldn’t answer as he was filming. When listening to the message he realizes it was a butt dial and Richard Kind can be heard clearly saying “Brian Quinn, who the heck is Brian Quinn!?”.

Walt and Bryan remember the Comic Book Men attending a benefit for animals and how it didn’t turn out quite as big as Q’s.

Walt and Frank 5 hit the high seas. Bryan could not go with them as Sage’s graduation was during the cruise’s duration.

Walt emasculates Frank 5 in ping pong and shuffleboard. Walt’s love of ping pong has been rekindled causing him to contemplate buying a table for the Studio. Frank’s cabin reeks of sewage, the ship’s solution was to spray Febreze. Someone died on the first night of the cruise. Walt came out of his shell and partook on all the ship activities not caring if he didn’t look cool. Frank and Walt win TV theme trivia.

Kevin Pollack takes $425 of Q’s money playing poker.

Walt and Frank shut down for getting a golf cart in Bermuda by the wives believing they’d get lost or drive on the wrong side of the road.

Walt has too many friends now, its hard to juggle them all. Walt, Bry, and Frank to go to a monster museum and a soda factory on the next Broside Attractions.

R&H on permanent hiatus as it couldn’t survive the pandemic and the uncertainty of the show after Joe’s departure. Q in the most positive place of his life, however he tries to repress that on TESD as he thinks listeners relate to and enjoy misery more.

Bryan moving on up, put in an offer on a house and moving to Leonardo close to the Quick Stop. Bry to start hanging out in front. The house has a pool and a koi pond and Walt thinks it’ll make for great content watching him try to maintain them both, as it can be labor intensive.

Bry imagines a future as a bent back shaky old man. Should start doing yoga or something.

Walt physically never sweats.

Git’em is officially on the list of guests for the New Jersey Garden State Comic Fest. Q wants one of his autographed 8x10s for his living room.

Q to fly out to Cincinnati to sing with Brett Michaels at the end of the Poison show.

Q excited to see the Elvis movie.

#520: Chuck Roast

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Bry and Q don’t get the true love they feel they deserve, Walt’s 28th anniversary, Bry nearly attends a sweet 16.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Git’em Steve Dave

Mentioned Person

Chuck Staton



“They’re just pretending to like him, we’re keeping it real.” – Bryan

“I’d leave that one holstered, you guys just have a weird way going about things.” – Walt about how Bryan’s way of getting close to Victor is to turn him against Walt

“I love a world where I say it wrong and no one comes after me, they go after you two.” – Walt

“Oh you’re killing me! I’ve got processes I’ve got to de-noise it.” -Bry as Declan

“Let’s not be like Ruppert, let’s be positive.” – Walt

“I don’t like getting called out like this on Instagram!” – Q

“Kevin made a black and white movie 50 years ago and Chuck is going to blow him to this day?” – Q

“I don’t hear from this guy for over a week. I don’t wanna hear about Chuck, you make ME feel wanted first.” -Bryan

“It sounds to me like you and me got Victor, we can work on him and make him ours.” – Q

“We’re the problem, we’ve always been the problem.” – Q

“I’m just going to go out on that deck, the Lilo deck.” -Walt

Memorable Moments:

Bryan says Q wouldn’t believe Walt’s shirt, a NJ Devils rainbow logo. Walt says in this day and age it’s not even worth acknowledging.

Walt just celebrated his 28th wedding anniversary. When asked for advice to young loves Walt declines saying that everyone should just do what they want.

Bryan and Q were maligned for not correcting Walt’s pronunciation of “Superfetation”.

Bryan goes to see Jurassic World and Top Gun: Maverick. Brian Ruppert was a huge fan of Maverick and Bryan was not as impressed, saying TESD should get some social security money for employing someone “soft in the head”. Bryan says Jurassic World was fun but Maverick was just predictable and the same story as the original.

Q says that he and Bryan are having employee issues. He was on Chuck’s Instagram and noted that Chuck thanked Kevin and Walt for making him feel so welcome and included but no mention of Q and Bryan. Q wonders if he could do more to make Chuck feel like part of the team. Bryan says since Chuck is already taken by Walt and Kev, that they should focus on other members of the team. Walt brings up that Bry called Ruppert soft in the head not ten minutes ago. Q suggests a TESD staff night out like he used to have with his Firehouse crew.

Walt went to go see Beetlejuice on Broadway. The guy that played Beetlejuice was on IJ on one of Q’s punishments.

Q says that he should get a t-shirt with Chuck’s face on it and wear it on IJ, put a rainbow filter over it. Walt says this is why Bryan and Q don’t get the love, when they get together they just devolve into what they always do ragging on others.

Image by Kenny Rubenis

Walt is going on a cruise to the Bermuda with Frank and Mrs. Five.

Walt has high hopes for Rob Zombies “Munsters” teaser.

A teacher in Mississippi gives a student a “Zero” award. Walt recalls that the dunce cap was still a thing when he was in school.

Bryan gets in an argument with Maribeth about attending one of Sage’s friend’s sweet 16 birthday party. Bryan thinks that a sweet 16 party is for girls only and thinks Maribeth should take her herself. It turns out that lots of fathers attended.

Walt brings Git’em on to apologize for forgetting his birthday and gave him a birthday card with forged signatures from Bryan, Q, and Ming.

#519: Superfestation

*Featured Image by #TESDAnt


De-aging, Q eyes a wrestling career, Bry hates hairy toes. More tales from the road.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Git’em Steve Dave

Mentioned Person


“Don’t want to start the trip off with accountability.” – Q

“Dude your balls. Feels like angels are kissing them” – Q

“Coz they were raising a seeing eye puppy” – Git’em

“Who gives a fuck about Johnny Depp and Amber Heard?” -Q

“And then she cheated on me with a blind guy” – Git’em

“I got a box that does that, it’s called Just For Men.” -Walt

“It resolved itself.” -Bryan

“Sal is a COVID magnet” – Bryan

“I feel like I was eating next to Maxwell.” – Bryan

“Thank god for the ants because if not for them the other Con goers are like ‘Who are those homeless dudes?'”- Walt

“I was hoping we could get the same room again, if you know what I mean.” – Walt to South of the Border attendant.

“You caught me cheating, we need to take a break.” – Q about Git’em

“Fuckin’ heal thyself bitch!” – Walt

Memorable Moments:

Walt says that he and Git’em shared the room due to financial responsibility and not wanting to make Blue Juice foot the bill, not for “content” as redditors claim.

A mouse was successfully de-aged at Harvard Medical School. What would be the cost to not make it too available so that everyone gets it and the planet can’t sustain the population. The procedure causes cancer but they’re working on it.

Pam and Edgar visit Erik out west and are surprised at how regulated the water usage is.

An appraiser comes to Maribeth’s grandfathers house mere hours after the funeral to value all of his possessions for an estate sale. Bryan wonders why he would share a story of his mother falling and her arm exploding out of it’s socket when he tried to help her up and her dying two days after. Maribeth’s father says the appraiser was just trying to relate to him, Maribeth herself says Bryan isn’t very empathic.

Walt asks Q and Bry if they think they could take a fall without injury at their ages.

Q is offered to train 10-15 days in Atlanta to participate in a professional wrestling event. Walt says he should go for it or else he would regret it. Bryan asks what his persona would be. Q says if he’s a heel he’d be “Abrasive Brian”.

Q gets COVID again after a busy schedule traveling and attending Friars club and AEW shows.

Walt brings up the topic of Superfestation, when a woman is pregnant and then gets pregnant again. What if Q was a superfestation baby? Bry suggests one of the ants add that to Quinn’s Wikipedia entry.

Walt goes to bat for Denny’s to defend it’s honor. Is bathing suit, flip flops and tank top underdressed for Olive Garden?

Q asks if Git’em was using his local clout to get booth babes. Walt has to imitate Git’em’s squeal to Q. Git’em is called over to explain why Woody and Jessie bothered him at the Con to the point that he’s ranting at all hours of the night after a few Nattys.

Q speaks of faking orgasms when he’s too knackered to finish.

Git’em’s dad deters him from flying in a helicopter when asked for his opinion.

Git’em discusses seeing his ex on her bed with another man through a window, phones her to let her know she’s coming over and watch the guy leave. Finds texts between the two of them weeks later, confronts her like Columbo.