The 2020 TESD XMAS Special – The Christmas K.I.S.S.

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Grab some egg not, flip the yule log on the TV and cozy up with Bryan, Walt, BQ, Sunday Jeff, Ming, Git’em and Tom for the 2020 Tell’em Steve-Dave Christmas Special: The Christmas K.I.S.S. This year we go back to the basics! Banter, games, rapping and more! Merry Christmas TESD Town!


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Ming Chen

Git ‘Em Steve-Dave

Sunday Jeff

Tom Miloszewski


“This is how you wormed your way onto the table!” – Walt to Git’em

“You know you’re definitely gonna be a widow right?” – Bry to Maribeth

“Orphan is the new midget.” – Walt

“I’m glad there’s no video so they can’t see me sweating.” – Tom

“I already have like 12 other accounts to go after him. Tom ruined Christmas!” – Git’em

“It doesn’t look like a tattoo anymore, it looks like a mole that needs to be looked at by a doctor.” – Walt to Ming

“Just remember, Tom’s the chef, you take out the trash when he’s done!” – Sunday Jeff

“You know how screaming at Bob Barker makes him a better game show host.” – Bry

“I’m going to have to start recognizing Tom’s basic humanity.” – Q

“Anything outside Monmouth County is the Forbidden Zone.” – Sunday Jeff about Walt.

“When’s that sweet bald man coming back to spend Christmas with us?” – Walt’s family about Sunday Jeff

“He was the Fonzie to your Cunninghams.” – Git’em

“We need to get your seed in a willing bearer.” – Q

“Tell’em Steve Dave is the Island of Misfit Toys, it’s all fucked up in here.” – Q

“He gets the Johnson list of grievences out and prepares to read them.” – Q

“Strangely her maiden name was Johnson so who knows how inbred we are.” – Bryan

“I know if he spend more than 10 minutes with you he’d know what a bad decision he made going to your dinner instead of mine!” – Walt to Ming about Tom Brady

Games / Reoccuring Segments

Cryptic Riddles


I Fought the Law and the Law One

High Ho Ho Low

Snow Ballin’

Family Feud

Character Guessing Game

Rap Battle

Memorable Moments:

Tom gets to sit at the table this year instead of on the floor like in 2019. This time Tom acts at game master to allow Walt to play along with Bry and Q against Git’em, Ming, and Sunday Jeff. No stakes this year, just bragging rights.

Walt tells of how he tried to get rid of Git’em for the 2013 Christmas show after they finished recording the Fiasco Pod but he stuck around and produced gold with his retelling of his worst holiday memories.

Bry begins his own Christmas tradition by tailoring his tree to precisely his taste with horror themed ornaments and not using any cheap generic ones or hand me downs from Pam. Walt’s tradition of driving around looking at Christmas lights is going to change up a little this year as his youngest daughter will be the driver.

The Christmas Special is split between games and Christmas Chats.

Chat #1: Christmas Present. What does it feel like to be sitting together again for the 10th annual TESD XMas pod?

Game #1: Cryptic Riddles. In an effort to reduce player rage, Tom actually explains the rules of the game and how the riddles work. This combined with giving helpful (easy) clues leads to a perfect score for both teams. Walt questions if people are going to enjoy a game where everyone gets the right answers and there is no in-fighting. Ming, a Catholic, questions the validity of the Immaculate Conception.

Game #2: Dyslexia. Once again the clues provided by Tom lead to both teams solving most of these clues. Ming accidentally tells Mike he’ll see him at the TESD Christmas Pod, despite the fact he wasn’t invited. Is a Pole Vault the opposite of a Cane? Q has been re-watching I Love Lucy and is amazed at how funny it still is this day and age.

Chat #2: Christmas Future. Each person discusses their hopes and dreams of Christmas’ yet to come. Bry plans to drive up to hang out with Q Christmas Night but Walt thinks as a newlywed that plan will be squashed. Git’em wants to start a family and plant Christmas trees. Sunday Jeff spent a few Christmas’ with the Flanagan family and everyone had a great time.

Game #3: I Fought the Law and the Law One. Tom has a series of three Christmas related laws the teams have to guess which are true.

Game #4: High Ho Ho Low. Tom teaches an economics class as most of these questions are about commerce.

Chat #3: If a Christmas Carol was real and you could invite one person from Christmas Past, Present, and Future to dinner who would you? Q chooses Git’em’s future child, Walt chooses present Tom Brady, and Bry chooses his Grandmother. Git’em chooses his past self to try and warn him of his fate, Ming also chooses Tom Brady to steal him from Walt, and Sunday Jeff confusingly picks a future George Lucas to ask him a series of fanboy questions.

Game #5: Snow Ballin’. Tom gives the name of a sex act he found in a women’s health magazine and the guys have to guess what it entails.

Game #6: Family Feud.

Game #7: Holiday Character Guessing Game.

Game #8: Rap Battle

#457: The Meundies 2020 TESD Halloween Spooktacular

Featured Image by @4CDuca3650

Pod Description:

Prepare for an episode choc-a-bloc full of sassy spirits, cheeky poltergeists and a very special visit from a horror icon.


Bryan Johnson

Baron Von Flanagan

The White Baron


Git’emvira: Mistress of the Dark


Tim the Record Store Clerk

Sunday Jeff

Ming Chen

Mike Zapcic


Father Lance

SargeL18 and Teleahqua

Chris Laudando


Kevin Smith

Declan Quinn

Mentioned Person:


“You know what that means Q, TESD is done with the charity game! Now it’s all about Barons and elevating and becoming Demigods!”- Baron Von Flanagan

“You’re less than half a man if you lose tonight.” – Baron Von Flanagan to White Baron

“With a quick photoshop and a different word, Q is out of a job!” – Bryan

“He lost a hell of a lot more than being a Baron that night.” – Baron von Flanagan if Q loses his livelihood.

“He looks like Slash’s corpse.” – Bryan about Tomzoolie

“The podcast cutie that makes all the boys stand up and salutey.” – Git’emvira

“He’s not even on camera and he’s walking with a swish around the store!” – White Baron about Git’emvira

“There are no tricks.” – Walt

“Except the ones that Git’em are turning out on Broad Street.” – Bryan

“He looks like Danny DeVito in Batman Returns.” – White Baron about Tomzoolie

“Mistress of the not-dark-enough.” – Bryan about Git’emvira

“2020 has been shit for everybody, except Bryan Johnson.” – Baron von Flanagan.

“Donut on a stick? That shouldn’t be erotic, right?” – Baron von Flanagan.

Games Played

Baron Trivia Contest

Physical Challenges


Memorable Moments:

Walt announces that this will be the first of three Halloween podcasts released this October. This audio version is available for free with the video available to all tiers on the TESD patreon. The All New Sunday Jeff Show and Father von Flanagan Halloween episodes to come in the following weeks.

Svengoolie introduces the 2020 TESD Halloween Spectacular.

Baron von Flanagan tells us that by the end of the show either Bryan, Sunday Jeff or Q the White Baron will be elevated to a brand new member of the Colored Cadre of Fiends. If Q comes in third place he will be stripped of his White Baron title and that given to whoever comes in second place.

Walt announces his displeasure that not one newspaper or news station covered the fact that TESD donated “10 Grand!” to a local NJ orphanage last Christmas. Q says the same thing happened after the Tenderloins donated the entire ticket sales to Manchester Strong after the bombing.

Q gets too hot under the rubber mask of the White Baron so to compromise he offers to write “White Baron” on his Covid facemask. Walt and Bry tell him that might be misconstrued and come back to bite him on the ass.

Baron von Flanagan announces his co-hosts: Tomzoolie and Git’emvira.

The Contest to determine the newest Baron is unveiled. Tomzoolie has created a Jeopardy-like board of question categories that the contestants can choose from 5 different difficulty levels. In addition all 4 and 5 point questions come along with a physical challenge to be performed by Git’emvira to win extra points.

The question categories are as follows: A Southern Gentleman’s Askew View where Brian Maxwell gives a skewed synopsis of famous horror movies from the perspective of the villain. TESD Town Hall where a different member of TESD town gives horror movie trivia. Cliff’s Quotes where Ming Chen gives a unique take on a famous horror movie quote. What’s in a Title where a horror movie poster is revealed with the title removed.

The physical challenges are as follows: Skeleton Limbo, Make Q Laugh, Apple Cider Chug, Belt of Hot Dogs, Candy Bar Challenge, Ghost Bowling, Balloon Popping, Guess how many Candy Corn, Horror Movie Charade, and Donut on a Stick.

Q begins to question if Tom is slowly replacing Git’em in Walt’s affections.

A young Bryan Johnson was obsessed with a man’s dick in the old horror movie “Ghost Story”

The final challenge is to uncover the Dyslexia clues to complete the poem to summon the newest member of the Colored Cadre of Fiends.

“Glittery Knight, oh so fierce and mighty, like some 24 karat Charles Nelson Reilly. Baptized in countless showers of demonic pee, more flamboyant and fabulous than Liberace!” -Poem to summon the Golden Baron

The Gold Baron can only read facts about fabulous celebrities like Judy Garland.

#451: I Buy Comics

*Featured image by Joseph Bradascio


Bry, Walt and Q bring a taste of Patreon.


Walt Flanagan

Bryan Johnson

Brian Quinn


“I do love the smell of pulp. I love the smell of pussy. The older i get the more pulp starts winning.” -Q

“If having a big dick is a super power, then super heroes really do walk among us.” -Q

“I wouldn’t use it in a bad way.” – Q about his shape shifting powers in the bedroom.

Games Played

Comic Book Quiz

Memorable Moments:

Bry and Sage introduce this weeks episode, a free release of a Patreon original, I Buy Comics. It is revealed that Sage’s nicknames are Bunny, Boo, and Snake Weedsmeyer.

Walt reads a list of the top ten questions a comic fan should ask themselves before they die.

  1. What is the most money you ever spent on on book? Walt reveals he wasted good money on a recalled book featuring superbaby in a microwave.
  2. Do you remember your first “wall book”?
  3. What was the first time you speculated a book would be collectible and bought multiple copies?
  4. Name a smell better than pulp?
  5. If you owned a comic company what franchise would you go after? Walt would want to make Planet of the Apes comics, Q would go after Godfather.
  6. If you were editor in chief of DC in charge of a new “Crisis” what character would you kill off to maximize sales and chatter? Q would kill Barry Allen, he hates Barry Allen.
  7. What is your all time favorite costume?
  8. What is the worst all time cover gimmick?
  9. What is the best character to come out of a fad? Walt remembers Dazzler coming about from Disco. Q mentions the New Warriors Snowflake and Safespace
  10. What are the best powers to have in the sack? Both Walt and Q agree its physical manipulation like Plastic Man.

Frank 5 treats the listeners to a snippet of the recent episode of Patreon’s Frank 5’s Rewind: The Office where Walt imagines Tom Brady loves Giselle as much as Jim loves Pam

Walt challenges Q and Bry to a comic book trivia contest to send original artwork to listeners. Q gets general comic questions including listing books by how valuable they are and answering if a given color Krpytonite was really part of Superman lore. Bry’s questions are all about books that he has written himself; Karney, War of the Undead, and Cryptozoic Man.

Bry believes Wayne Jansen is the answer for every question involving inking or coloring his books.

Q recalls boring Gal Gadot and Patty Jenkins on the set of Wonder Woman by geeking out over DC comics.

Sunday Jeff introduces a sneak peak of Patreon’s The All New Sunday Jeff Show where Walt ponders if we should be cloning famous actors so that decades in the future we can still produce films with the original cast.

#444: Four Colors For Life

*Featured image by Eric Mason


Bry, Walt, and Q celebrate this demonic episode by talking frenzied Frenchies and piss boners.


Walt Flanagan

Bryan Johnson

Brian Quinn

Mentioned Person:


“Fuckin’ Mr. Joe Moneybags Rogan.” – Walt

“What kind of monster trains a French Bulldog to fight?”- Walt

“I do, I do wake up with piss boners.” – Bry

“I tell you, I gotta get Sal to do ‘What Say You’ again.  100 million split two ways is better than split three ways.” – Q

“We’re not star fuckers!” – Walt

“I regret no boners.” – Q

“Can’t they just shoot Stem Cells in my eyes?” – Q

“Do you want yourdick sucked too?  I blew Charlie Chaplin once.  He had a piss boner!” – Bry as Walt’s hairdresser.

“I want to run a clean shop, put those Suncoast days behind me!” – Walt

Games Played:

Are you Normal

Scenario 1:  Blowjob and a Haircut – Walt goes to get his haircut and his 90 year old stylist continuously blows hair out of his eyes with her hot breath.

Scenario 2: Hot Hot Toys – Walt is confronted by a person claiming the Stash’s eBay account has been selling toys that were stolen from his collection months ago by his daughters druggie boyfriend.  He demands compensation

Scenario 3:  Basement Billionaire – Walt finds a mysterious bag in the Stash basement which contains thousands of dollars in a false bottom.

Memorable Moments:

Joe Rogan goes exclusive to Spotify for 100 million dollars.

Years ago Joe Rogan declined to have Bryan Johnson as a guest, even after Bry wore a shirt for the Joe Rogan Experience on Comic Book Men.

Walt is just as much a man’s man as Joe Rogan with his latest ‘DYI’ project of building more supports for his daughters bedframe using old pallets from his garage from the many unsold Prussian Kissing Skulls.

Walt is aghast at the news that a French Bulldog has mauled and killed a middle aged woman.

Q bemoans the march of time as he is in need of glasses, he no longer has them sniper eyes.


#400.1: Making Haystory

*Featured Image by Chuck Staton


Part 2 of the best episode of the best podcast ever. Famous TESDtown residents stop by to play some games.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Git ‘Em Steve-Dave


Sunday Jeff

Father Lance

Chris Laudando

Frank #5


“This is my time to shine!” – Sunday Jeff

“Mike, do you want to touch it with a ten foot pole?” – Ming

“I was waiting for this podcast to be aborted” – Chris Laudando

“How many times, Sunday Jeff, do you go on the internet and it’s NOT accidental? – Bry

“Excuse me, I just gotta wipe this shit off my lip.” – Q

Games Played:

All Apologies:  Multiple choice questions about a scenario which demanded a real life apology.  If you guess wrong you must give an emphatic apology about a theoretical scenario which will be judged.

Elephants in the Room:  Each team must give a two minute podcast on Hot Button topics.

Cryptic Riddles:  Figure out Blue Baron’s cryptic riddles to guess an overall topic.

Are You Smarter than a 148:  Gitem and the contestants both must answer tricky questions.  If Gitem gets it wrong and you get it right you get double points.

Professor Impresser:  Give a speech about how life would be different if certain hypotheticals were true.

Memorable Moments:

Walt and Gitem host this all game episode as teams I Sell Comics, TESD, and SunTroy Jeff go head to head to head.  Father Lance, Chris Laudando, and Mr and Mr.s 5 act as judges.

Walt pulls an audible halfway through All Apologies when the teams keep getting the questions right and demands they all give an apology.

Chris Laudando starts giving scores including decimal points up to the thousandths place to throw off Gitem’s score-keeping.

The Blue Baron returns to give more cryptic riddles.  Bry and Q are much better this time around.


Vicky Pezza – No Need to Roofie

#385: Mr. Manager

*Featured image from the TESD Patreon Live Stream


A suicidal celeb garners Walt’s sympathy. Bry revels in Kendall Jenner’s woes. Q shakes his head at both.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Git ‘Em Steve-Dave

Ming Chen


“I’ll ride you” – Walt

“I probably need help, I guess, someone please help me” – Bry, facetiously about his anger issues

“Our Q has only banged regular models and pageant winners, no super models.” – Bry

“You know how many times I’ve been on morphine or some derivative of and have said ‘I’m floating baby!’?” – Bry about near death experiences

“I should have pulled the trigger.” – Bry about the gun play during sex with Suzanne.

Memorable Moments:

Recorded at A Shared Universe podcast studio as part of the August 2018 TESD patreon Live Stream.

Bry has more Kardashian news.  Apparently Kendall Jenner has pissed off the super model community by saying something stupid.  Bry expects Walt to defend her like he did Lil Bow Wow.

There was an unused Comic Book Men plot where Gitem would work as a fashion model.

Bry injured his thumb trying to throw something in anger after smashing through his back door with a weed whacker.


Bry found a used hypodermic needle in his yard while mowing the lawn.  Walt must ask him if it was one of his and he just forgot.

Walt feels bad about actor Ahmad Best, who contemplated suicide after the backlash from Jar Jar.  Q says he can relate due to Jokers Wild.

Gitem retells stories of his high school wrestling career, and uncontrollable laughter after losing.

The guys play a TESD themed board game called “TESD:  Escape from Ming Land” featuring trivia cards about famous moments from the podcast.

Gitem reveals he was removed as a moderator from the TESDcares reddit page.

With all the technical difficulties surrounding the live stream, someone suggests going on Twitch.  Bry says Jay Mewes plays video games for twitch and gets paid, even while he’s supposed to be doing meet and greets with his fans.

Q and Gitem reveal they are both looking to get licensed to own firearms


Like A Villain (AZ) – I’m Fine

Elephants in the Room

*Featured Image by @bsjett

Pod Description:

In the summer of 2017, the podcast Tell ‘Em Steve-Dave filmed a gameshow pilot episode to pitch to an unnamed television network.

“ElephANTs in the Room” combines the classic atmosphere of beloved gameshows, with the insightful and humorous world of podcasting.

When you add in elephant-based physical changes, and the perils of taboo topics that no that sane person would ever dare to discuss, you get “ElephANTs in the Room!”

With an explosive and shocking final challenge, it’s safe to say you have NEVR seen a gameshow like this!

Buy it at


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Sunday Jeff

Git ‘Em Steve-Dave


Chris Laudando

Mike Zapcic

Ming Chen


“It says here you ‘lava’ good hot sauce, and Ming says your sauce is the hottest” – Walt to Mike

“It says here, Brian, that you ‘depreciate’ a good tax joke” – Walt to Q.

“I’ve never been a big fan of nepotism”- Bry

“He’s missing two tusks so you’ll have the advantage” – Bry to ISC during the first physical challenge.

“Pretend you’re tossing salad!” – Sunday Jeff to Mike

“I can tell you Sunday Jeff DID want his head stuck in a rhino’s ass” – Walt

“Ming doesn’t want to do this one because so far no one has been able to force him to be a father.” – Troy

“They look like a Nutrisystem before and after photo” -Ming about Walt and Gitem’s matching safari outfits.

“Is it too late to talk about a divine child rapist?” – Bry regrets not doing the Elephant in the Room topic about Muhammad.

“We gotta get a head in the anus or there’s no payoff!” – Walt

Games Played:

Elephants in the Room

The name of the game is taken from the common phrase that means an obvious topic that is difficult to talk about.  Two teams compete representing a different listener.  For the team that wins their listener wins 100 dollars of their podcast’s merchandise.    Each team in turn is asked an Elephant related question.  If the question is answered correctly the team wins 15 points.  If the question is answered incorrectly the team can choose to A)  Give a 2.5 minute long podcast about an “Elephant in the Room” controversial topic.  The podcast is judged by the ‘Peanut Gallery’ and can win between 3-15 points or B) Compete in an Elephant themed physical challenge versus Gitem and if victorious win an automatic 15 points.

At the end of the game the winning team can compete in the Pachyderm Paycheck Challenge in order to double or triple their listener’s winnings.  A large constructed elephant is brought into the room and a player from the winning team must stick their head up it’s rectum and route around all the brown muck for a paycheck.

Memorable Moments:

When Bry and Q find out the listener they are playing for is Gitem’s girlfriend they call foul.

During the first multiple I Sell Comics multiple choice Elephant question, Walt “accidentally leaves off choice D, none of the above forcing a physical challenge or podcast.

Commercial Break 1:  Q’s Brews by Shawn S Sealer and 13%ers by Gina Mastrostefano

I Sell Comics opts for the physical challenge.  Mike must eat a greater volume of a head of lettuce than Gitem in a one minute time frame.

Commercial Break 2:  New TESD Movies by Robert Rogers and Eugene’s Tasties by Harris Khan

Bry and Q compete in a physical challenge where Q has to fit more circus peanuts in his mouth than Gitem in 1 minute.

Commercial Break 3:  The Bottle Dump Warrior by Jesus Manet and Animated Fair-re-re tale theater by Kieran O-Sullivan

Commercial Break 4:  Dyslexia the Board Game by Chuck Staton and Brad Rohrer

A one minute speed round of Dyslexia is played where Walt reads a clue and both teams have the opportunity to buzz in to give a correct answer.  5 points are awarded for each correct answer.  Watching Bry and Q’s defeated and aggravated expressions is the highlight of the show.

Commercial Break 5:  Animated Adventures of Baron Von Flanagan by Miles P Standish, Collingswood Auction by Kawsmoe Naut, and TESD town Ants hockey by Chunder Toons.

Commercial Break 6:  Trailer for Scream Baron Scream, a horror film featuring Baron Von Flanagan and Dollah Shave versus monsters by Walt Flanagan and Chuck Staton

Q refuses to compete in the Pachyderm Paycheck Challenge for fear of ruining his “500 dollar” shirt and makes Gitem step up to the plate.


#372: King of Swing

*Featured image from @mingchen37


While BQ lights up the silver screen with his matinee idol looks, Bry and Walt talk to the legendary Ming Chen and play a new game with him.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Ming Chen


“That reminds me of the word ‘rimjob’ so I’m going to go in that direction” – Ming

“He’s easily distracted, mostly by LEDs” – Walt about Gitem

“That’s the trick, find a partner that sounds stupider than you and you’ll sound awesome” – Ming

“I dated a girl I didn’t know we were swingers but she swung for years” – Bry

“Ming brought you to the area of the butthole” – Walt to Bry

“You come in and you see the staff and let’s say the staff is like uh- texting on their or they’re p- trying to catch Pokémon, how would you handle it?” – Walt to Ming

Games Played:

It Don’t Ming a Thing if You Ain’t Got That Swing

Memorable Moments:

According to Walt, Q being gone for so long is like when Richie left Happy Days.Ming Chen is the first of many guest hosts to fill in Q’s absence.  Walt claims Ming’s presence was one of the reasons early TESD was so popular.

Ming tells about his new entrepreneurship co-owning both a comic book store called Coral Sword and a podcast studio called A Shared Universe.

Walt wants to know as a fellow store owner/manager, how would he handle an employee like Gitem.  Ming says the key is to treat them like a simple beast of burden.

Ming reveals he makes house calls to people who want to podcast.  One of his clients is a female gynecologist that interviews him for one of her pods.

Bry snubbed Walking Dead special effects master Greg Nicoterro at a con.

Walt unveils a new game to play with Ming and Bry.

This weeks Dyslexia clues are:

  • Poor Walkman – IPad Rich
  • E Evasive – Frank 3
  • Poorly Minimum – Maxwell


Dave Wimer – Daisies and Razor Blades

#371: Daddy Edgar

*Featured Image from


Bry celebrates a true American Hero. Q considers running for office. Jiggy plays 1-true-3.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn



“Daddy?” “Does it hurt? Does it hurt like you hurt me?” – Bry

“I can’t tell whose dick’s in his mouth!  Tom Brady or Walt’s?” – Q about Jiggy

“Win with Quinn!” – Walt’s campaign slogan for councilman Q

“She’s the Rosa Parks of braless chicks!” – Bry

“She’s got fat tits and it’s not her fault!” – Bry

“And whenever you praise God it ends in kaboom”-Bry

 “What people don’t know.. people who know Armenians know that I don’t look at all Armenian..” – Jiggy

“You were passing for White THIS WHOLE TIME?!!” -Q

“Get ‘em outta here!!” – Bry

Reoccurring Segments:

Heard Around the Walter Cooler:  Parents are using Amazon’s Alexa to read bedtime stories to their kids.

Games Played:

One True Three:  Jiggy

Story 1:  Jiggy is actually adopted which explains why he doesn’t look Armenian

Story 2:  Jiggy was the ringleader of a gang of youths who stole the hood ornaments off of luxury cars.

Story 3:  An angry Jiggy pushes a drama teacher off a stage for cutting his skit, spraining the teacher’s ankle and making him wear a cast.


Memorable Moments:

Gitem sends Bryan an article claiming that pain pills turned a man gay.

Bryan reads a tale of a real teenage hero, a Florida girl is forced to put bandages over her nipples when she goes to school braless.  She plans to protest saying that it’s not her fault others are distracted by her.

Q considers a career in public office after IJ dies down.  Bry claims to have tons of dirt on him and would need a payoff like Stormy Daniels.

Walt encourages Bryan to work through his issues with Pam and Edgar, perhaps by reading Tom Brady’s book.

Walt and Alicia do the first ad of 2018 as the Baron and Baroness Von Flanagan

Walt challenges Jiggy to Dyslexia.  Jiggy proves to be pretty proficient at it until he must figure out the opposite of horse.

Q says goodbye for a while.


This weeks Dyslexia clues are:

  • Continent Once Lungs – Gilligan’s Island
  • Dumb Give – Get Smart
  • Individual Manning – Brady Bunch


Scott E. Wells – Free

TESD Live at The Gramercy Theater

Pod Description:

For the first time witness Tell ‘Em Steve-Dave Live on stage! On film! In HD!

Over 2 hours of live footage filmed at the legendary New York Gramercy Theatre. Starring Brian Quinn, Bryan Johnson and Walt Flanagan, and featuring TESD favorites Git ‘Em Steve-Dave, Ming Chen, Sal Vulcano and Sunday Jeff.

This landmark film includes both TESD Gramercy shows recorded on July 15, 2016, as well as the NEVER SEEN BEFORE Bonus Footage of Episode 300: Git’Em To The Chapel! You do not want to miss this!

Buy it at


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Sunday Jeff

Git ‘Em Steve-Dave

Ming Chen

Sal Vulcano

Brian Maxwell

LED Soundsystem



“When Declan hears this, he knows he’s out of a job” Walt about Q’s thunder tube.

“It’s like having a fever, when you get all those weird dreams but without the aches and pains” – Walt about working with Gitem.

“Who the fuck makes this game? Donald Trump?” – Sal

“Gitem was right about me” – Q

Games Played:

Roll a Role


Reoccurring Segment:


Baron Von Flanagan

Memorable Moments:


This video contains two separate Live TESDs recorded at the Gramercy Theater.

First Live Show:

Walt’s vision of the dramatic stage show “Talking Dead” comes to life as Q and Bry enter in cult robes carrying their own lynched puppets. Baron Von Flanagan enters in top hat and cape as all three spit blood upon the audience.

During the Baron Von Flanagan segment Bry and Q provide Thunder and Lightning with a thunder tube and a strobe light.

Gitem and LED SoundSystem perform “Day in the Life” live.

Sunday Jeff arrives wearing all Khakis.

Bry regales the audience with the traumatic trip to the show with him Walt, Gitem, and Sunday Jeff almost getting sideswiped by a van and the constant bickering.

Walt and Gitem come up with a mantra to ensure they remember whether or not they’ve locked the front door, a problem that has caused Walt and Mike numerous sleepless nights.

Sal and Ming join the table for a game of Roll a Role. During the role play no one can keep track of who is male or female or what the topic of choice is.

Bry tells a Why Bry story, where he replies to an email from the digital producer of AMC asking for the guys to compile a comic “pull list”. Bryan’s answer to her is sexually explicit and vulgar.

Second Live Show:

The second show begins in much the same way as the first however with Sunday Jeff and Ming as the cultists this time around. Bryan Johnson is nowhere to be found until he comes hustling up the aisle wearing a Dominoes shirt and “the tightest dickies”.

There is now a bottle of Jameson in front of Q, despite claiming to Walt he doesn’t drink at live shows anymore.

The Baron brings more mind blowing facts. Bry admits wanting to have a baby duckling imprint on him so it thinks he’s it’s dad and they go on adventures.

The second show turns into an overkill episode as Gitem Ming Chen and Sunday Jeff join the table to riotous chants of Sunday Jeff.

Walt’s overkill topic is about an Independent Presidential candidate Andrew D. Bisaggio who claims to be a time traveler who has witnessed Lincolns assassination twice. He promises to share the technology and put Bigfoot on the endangered species list.

Ming has an overkill topic about Chinese Ant Eating therapy which is said to have brought the Ming Dynasty emperor a long life.

Bry’s topic is about Pokemon Go being tied to satanic and Illuminati symbols.

Q has a speed round of 7 quick overkill topics.

Gitem is able to communicate with parrots using the John Williams score of Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

Sunday Jeff has a story about a man who received a donated heart falls in love with the mans widow and ends up dying the same way as the first man.