2 Live Crew or 1 Middle Age Jew


In this game Sunday Jeff writes several verses of a rap. They are juxtaposed with lyrics taken from 2 Live Crew songs. The players are presented with a pair and tasked with figuring out which verse is written by whom. For this version Sunday Jeff wrote lyrics in the vein of 2 Live Crew. Lil’ Wayne is used for the second incarnation.

Sunday Jeff’s Songs

Infection Connection

Keepin’ you a dark secret cuz I can’t be seen wit’ ya

My cover’s blown cuz you make my dick smell like diarrheas’

Let me get some of dat stinky clam

Make like Seuss and eat it like Green Eggs and Ham

When I’m slurpin’ and burpin’ on dat clit

I’m prayin’ to the Lord above I don’t vomit.

So gross and infected when you spread

got to make sure I put on a rubber made outta lead

Snow White / Pink Pussy

You say you want a knight in shining armor to ride in on his horse

but we know you want a bad boy, skilled in the art of intercourse.

Need your Prince Charming so you can play Snow White but who’s kiddin’ who?

We both know you’d let those ugly ass dwarves pull a train on you.

Seven teeny tiny dicks is how you roll,

now them midgets have Snow White on the stroll.

Try to fit your fat ass foot in Cinderella’s slipper and are unable

so your sick ass drops a deuce in that shoe like it’s a glass table.

Monster Dick

Got a Monster Dick called Frankenstein,

Make all the village hos wait in line.

My dick ain’t green and it ain’t got no stitches,

they call it Monster cuz it’s over seventeen inches.

But I only fuck monsters cuz hotties make me snore

next on my fuck list is that sexy ass hunchback Igor.

Doin’ him from behind and staring at that hump,

tryin’ so hard not to be a three pump chump.


Senorita shakin’ dat ass to the beat, make me go el loco.

Baby lift up dat skirt and let me munch on dat pink taco.

Get’s me stupid crazy and all I wanna do is fuck and fuck and fuck.

I’m about to pop, here comes my Curly face, Nyuk Nyuk Nyuk.

Cuz I be gaga for gam gams and cookoo for hair clam clams.

Greatest of All Time

It’s finally down to just two.

Tommy B and you know who.

A bout between Mr. 5 Rings

and the man with the magic Dingaling.

Another record falls as you drop back to pass,

while this legend’s chin is buried in some ho’s ass.

My dick in bronze is certain,

saggy balls your image be hurtin’.

I make bitches cum so hard they need a rowboat,

now step back and recognize the real mother fuckin’ GOAT.

Deez Knee

Bend you over on all fours in a style I call Pluto

So nasty, stuffin’ those two gerbils Chip and Dale up that ass yo.

Committing bestiality with that simple fuck Goofy

Minnie hooked on that glass pipe so no need to roofie.

Sexy rodent can’t cum without a little pain,

such a freak she called in Huey Dewey and Louie to pull a train.

The mouse be watching it all from a closet holdin’ his dick yo.

This club reserved for only perverts and sickos.

Toe Hoes

Didn’t know I liked to fuck Kaiju didya?

Gettin’ freaky with Godzilla’s ugly ass son, Minya.

Me, Kong and Rodan all gettin’ head from a Space Dragon called Ghidorah

So perverted, I gerbil stuffed that lava staged version of Mothra.

I can go all night son, even longer than a robot Mecha Godzilla,

cuz compared to me that tin is just a pocket sized vibrator.

Cell Block 69

What’s the source of my throbbing erection?

Hot Bitches goin’ down on each other while incarceration.

My most prized possession, my sealed unopened Women in Prison DVD collection.

Fuck the MCU and Star Wars, my Oscar goes to any film with a jail and whores.

Sea of women showering in captivity, has always been my depravity.

No need to order no Blue Chew, not when I have classics like Chained Heat 2

#302: evaD evetS me’ lleT

#329: Log Box

#500: It’s The Big One

Listen to a professionally produced mashup with TESD Town’s own, Vicky Pezza, here.