Bryan Johnson



Bryan Lee Johnson




99% White, 1% Black


“He has a combination of self-loathing also coupled with almost supreme arrogance about other people…most people are idiots and ass-holes and he recognizes that so it’s like, he doesn’t feel less than these people, in fact Bryan feels better than these people but he also doesn’t like himself.”Brian Quinn

TESD was prompted by the fans love of SModcast episodes that Bryan and Walt use to guest on. The original idea was to give Bryan a crutch to lean on and some responsibility to help him, as he was “one foot off the stool“. Bryan once perfected the art of not having a steady job and living in his parents basement, who he refers to as Pam and Edgar. He has a niece named Sage who he cares for. Bryan achieved his status of “local fame” from the podcast and being a friend of Kevin’s and then skyrocketed it into comic cons on a monthly basis with the success of Comic Book Men on AMC. Bryan is also a member of the Horror Writers Association. Noted works: Vulgar (film) , War of the Undead (comic), Karney (comic), Cryptozoic Man (comic).