Walt Flanagan



“In 15 years you’ll all be in a loveless marriage and hooked on painkillers”


Walt’s comics prowess began at a young age with weekly Saturday trips across town to Ryan Brothers buying everything from Spiderman to KISS comics. It grew into a professional gig of the co-creation of Cryptozoic Man and drawing some of the most coveted DC characters such as Zsasz and DeadShot. Now he can be found running one of the most popular, successful, comic book stores (35 Broad St, Red Bank, NJ 07701) that is the home of the hit AMC show, Comic Book Men.

Walt originally met Kevin Smith when they both worked at the Highlands recreation center supervising local troubled youths. After several months, Kevin and Walter bonded over a mutual love of Batman. Kevin showed Walt a book report he had written about Batman. Walt told Kevin he was wrong as most of the report was about the ’66 tv Batman and said “this is the real Batman” Walt gave him a copy of the Dark Knight Returns. This moment is credited as both the birth of their friendship and Kevin’s renewed love affair with comics. Walt agreed to co-host TESD with his grade school friend Bryan at Kevin’s suggestion as a way to try to help Bryan out of deep depression and suicidal thoughts. Walter is the manager of Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash, Kevin’s comic book store in Red Bank, NJ. Walter is always thinking of the bottom line at the store in an almost fanatical fashion. He loves the classic monsters, comics and game shows. He is an impressive artist and has created several comics titles with both Kevin and Bry. Walter is the driving force behind many classic TESD episodes acting as a host and he likes nothing more than busting Bry and Q’s balls. Generally Walt is the most conservative of the bunch and he fancy’s himself as “the only normal person on earth” and he is credited with creating the name of “ants” for the fans of TESD. Walt has a very sensitive stomach and only eats a handful of foods, claiming to have never even had a sandwich. Walt is married and has two daughters who often help him with game ideas.

Super Powers:

Ability to take any side, of any argument, in order to create dynamic conversation.

Game creation and assigning superb word play game names.

Being the most normal person, possibly, in the universe.


Wal-Mart Greeter

Professional Flee-Market vendor in Florida after retirement.