Classic Moments & Quotes


“I didn’t think it was gonna go like this, I thought we where gonna be fucking good people” – Walt

“In 15 years you’ll all be in loveless marriages and hooked on painkillers.” – Walt

“Like you said Q…you’ve only got so many tools in the toolbox and when all of them are bent, jagged, rusty tools… You take em out here and jam em in Ming and Mike’s neck” – Walt

“…why fat?” – Q

“There was no shed at all” – Sunday Jeff

“Hey ma, put on a camisole….i wanna em them tonight” – Bryan


“Yeah, you’re my Grandma.” – Walt

“Not too good, bitch” – Walt


“This is why!!!” – Walt

“When this planet is nothing but Grimaces’, I will be ready to ascend to the next level” – Q

“OH PAUL WALKAH!” – Bry, as Q

“What’s your mom do? She’s a teacher. What about your dad? Oh my father’s dead.” -Walt

“Then my wife says ‘oooOoo why are his pants so tight?!'” – Walt

“I saw his soulless body, dead inside…With the tightest pair of Dickies I ever saw!” – Walt

“You could’ve been in a 69 with Elton John and it wouldn’t have been as gay as that.” – Walt

“He died of full-blown AIDS!” – Mike

“I don’t know about greys, you don’t know about gays.” -Bryan

“Cut that out…no, leave that shit in!” – Walt

71 Minutes of Walt’s Best Slips, Misquotes and Idioms

The very best of Brian “Q” Quinn


Walt and Jeff become public enemy #1 at Suncoast

Walt mistakes his guidance counselor for his Grandma

Walt delivers comics to the trailer park drunk

Walt Reams out Ming for sticking up for the Post Office Bitch

Walt rips Bry for his “Jaws” Halloween costume

Ming makes Debbie wait while he eats pizza before driving her to the hospital

Walt discovers a Time Traveler in a Charlie Chaplin movie

Suzanne forgets Brys birthday

Walt is harassed by teen girls and has an epic comeback

TESD says goodbye to a friend

Q gives shit to a clerk for not having Mallrats

Bry and Ming dress as Santa and an Elf on Broad Street

Walt cold calls a rival comic shop and cusses out

Montage of Ming saying “Right”

Termites come in for Free Comic Book Day

Walt tells a story about almost becoming a jail guard

Frank 5 skips Thanksgiving with family to see TESD

Q talks about the Ass Apple tradition

Pod Wars part 1

Pod Wars part 2

Q’s breakup story with his fiancé

Mike and Ming sign Cryptozoicman issues to listeners chagrin

Phantasm and it’s tranny subtext is discussed

Declan with a bag on his head begins

TESD town is born

Walt reveals his tendency of sleeping on the floor with his head under the bed (also referred to as ‘flanking’).

Walt tries to find a PC way to use the word ‘retarded’

TESD is burnt to CD’s for an old folks home’s library and it’s results

Walt, Sunday Jeff, Marc, Mike, and Git’em’s New York adventure for Trunk Club

Walt is aghast at the Tenderloins “Blue Comedy” when he takes his family to see Q at Madison Square Garden

Q is a dick to a waitress… or is he?

Bry and Q traverse the Nine Circles of Hell

The beginning of the Q vs Reddit fiasco

Git ‘Em reveals his mother tried to smother him with a pillow

The Goat Man is discussed

Audio of Walt giving Simmy shit for his show ideas during the Trial by Fire Ants