#240: Illegal Briefs

Pod Description:

Walt takes lumps from a few baristas, The Stash staff tackles the big city, Bry serves up some revenge…nice & cold.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Git ‘Em Steve-Dave

Marc Costello

Sunday Jeff

Mentioned Person:

Megan Finn (Git’em’s Trunk Club Fashion Consultant)


“You trust NASA more than Sunday jeff? Check their success record.” _walt to Q.

“You’ve told me you’ve lost your best friend, but you know what you’ve gained three aquantances”- Walt to Gitem

“Aww I’m a Starbucks pusshole of the week.  I do more than pour coffee!  I also make tea!” – Bry

“Stuffing comics into a bag is no different and no better than making someone’s coffee.” – Walt

“Marc is one positive mother fucker, he’s like what Chief used to be!” -Q

“How do you work in this store without losing your mind?  You got Chief up front grumbling and Mard talking about cats and m&ms.  For a treat here comes Rob Bruce!” – Bry

“I was proud of Gitem he knew he was with three normal dudes so he didn’t go crazy at the bar, he got water” – Walt

“If I’m nicer to Ming then Ming has nothing to do!” -Bry defends his Ming teasing on Comic Book Men.

Game Played:

Reoccurring Segment:

Memorable Moments:

Q reveals he lurks on Reddit.  Says that Gitem is not as polarizing as once he was.

Not surprisingly Starbucks repeals its Race discussions between baristas and customers.  Walt apologizes for making light of the job of barista after getting several annoyed emails.

Bry recalls how people would try and beat the system at Quick Stop where you couldn’t use food stamps for cigarettes.  They would buy a single piece of gum with the stamps and use the change from that purchase for cigarettes.

Gitem claims the Clinton’s are as Teflon as Bry.

Gitem catches his ex that knocked out his teeth cheating on him twice.  He found out how to check her phone usage even if she deleted the history.  Bry claims it was like looking at a funhouse mirror of himself.

Walt, Sunday Jeff, Marc and Git’em have a New York Trunk Club adventure after Gitem is in the doldrums because his female friend ghosts him.  Sunday Jeff wears his all khaki outfit which Walt says at certain times of the year matches his skin tone making it look like a flesh tuxedo.

Gitem is complimented on his shapely calves.  He cites the muscle tone to all the walking he did at Collingwood.  Gitem’s walkin’ legs are a source of pride.

The road trip’s conversation was predominately about the m&m shoppe in Times Square

The Trunk Club consultant Meghan is disgusted to hear the group will be going straight home with a stop for Denny’s for dinner rather than going out to eat anywhere in New York or to a fancy club.

The comics alliance writer Chris sims who railed against CBM and Bry in particular is found to be a woman hating cyber bully himself.

Tesd accomplished their mission to get me undies trending


Mr Russia – Bang Bang Romance

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