Git ‘Em Steve-Dave


Woah, woah, woah, it’s ok


Once described as a “toothless douche” that camped on the TESD domain name, Git Em is an invaluable member of the TESD crew. He is a collector of Zippo lighters and strange buttons. Gitem once spent 40 hours a week at the flea market but can now be found moderating the TESDcares subreddit, doing karate in the streets, or wielding a machete in the bottle dump.

As of summer 2016 Gitem now works at the Secret Stash becoming Walt’s work-son.

First Mentioned:

#068: Shower Power

First Appearance:

#072: Makin’ Hay II: The Final Exit

A Day in the Life (Git-Em’s Song) by LED SOUNDSYSTEM

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