#068: Shower Power

Pod Description:

TESD plots their triumphant return to Collinswood. Walt insists men showering with their own builds confidence.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Ming Chen

Mentioned Person:

Git ‘Em Steve-Dave


“Suscubusses” – Walt

“Check out the vortex in my pants” Bry as Q

“Ya know what though? I’m walkin’ in, my eyes are up! I’m not worried about who’s got a half hard on or fuckin’ Bozo hair over their cock” Walt

Reoccurring Segment:

I Sell Comics song contest

Memorable Moments:

Walt discusses wanting to turn Overkill into an all serious show about the paranormal.. Says he has the first guess, SargeL 18. Q wants the second guest to be a Zebu girl. Bry teaches Walt about Close encounters of the 4th-7th kind. Q offers to do a pre-interview with the Zebu girls, hoping maybe one of them had been raped by a ghost. Mysterious Deer have appeared on Staten Island.

The upcoming Flanagan BBQ is discussed. Walt forbids anyone from mentioning the tv show as he doesn’t want his kids to know about it. Bry wants to record it for the podcast, Walt will allow it but only if he tells everyone the reason he is recording it is because he is going blind and wants to remember it later.

Bry calls Courage My Loves manager demanding to know why they haven’t made a version of I Sell Comics yet.

The guys make plans for this coming Sunday for Makin Hay 2’s trip to Collingswood. Bry plays out a scenario in which Ming is raped by Frank #1, would Ming tell his wife?

Walt is astonished that kids don’t shower after gym class anymore.

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