Git ‘Em Games

The Git’Em games were a series of contests in episode #300: Git ‘Em to the Chapel which pit Bryan Vs Q fighting on behalf of two eligible bachelorettes for the chance to marry Git ‘Em Steve-Dave and free TESD merch for life.

Team Bry

Bryan Johnson

Sal Vulcano

Chris Laudando

Frank #5

Rob Bruce

Team Q

Brian Quinn


Ming Chen

Mike Zapcic

Sunday Jeff

The Git’Em games were broken down into Seven different rounds.  Each team is given 10 Git’Em points to begin.

 1. Don’t fear the Gitem Reaper

Each member of both teams is given a list of two items.  The player must guess which of the two is a real fear of Git’Em or gives him the willies.  Players wager how many points they would like to gamble each question.

2. Gitem to know Q, Gitem to know all about Q.

Each member of both teams is given three different answers to a single question.  The player must decide which answer was Git’Em’s response, which was Q’s response, and which was a bogus response given by Walt. 2 points are awarded for each correct answer.

3. Let’s Gitem on:

The team captain plays the role of Git’Em in a steamy role playing scenario with one of his team mates who is playing the role of a former lover.  Together they must tantalize the real Git’Em who will signal his state of arousal with different sound effects.  The team that “get’s him off” fastest wins.  Three rounds are played.  15 points are awarded to the winning team.

4. Gitem match game

Players are asked to predict how Gitem will finish a statement provided by Walt and write their prediction on a scrap of paper.  After Gitem gives his answer all players reveal their prediction.  5 points are awarded for each correct response.

5. Gitem Feud.

Played like Fucked Up Feud but with Gitem centric questions.  2 points are awarded for each round.

6. Gitems got all the answers:

Walt reads a riddle and the player must guess whether or not Gitem will get the right answer.  Players wager how many points they would like to gamble each question.

7. Google, Gitem or Gibberish:

Walt gives the first three words of a question and the player must decipher how Git’Em would finish the sentence, how google auto filled the sentence, and one Walt made up.

The Team with the most Git’Em points at the end of the game won the right to marry Git’Em