The most popular game in all of TESD history.  In this game the story teller relates three interesting stories about themselves, however two of the stories are false and only one is true.  The guessers are allowed to ask up to 3 questions to try and trip up the teller or get more information.  After the questions are asked the guessers must select which story they believe is the true one.  This game can be played One on One as in the Championship tournament or as One versus the Room.  In the One-True-Three tournament additional rules were added to help the guesser.  The guesser had special cards they could use to either Ask a Cop (Troy) or Sodium Pentathol which would eliminate one of the fake stories to give a 50:50 shot of winning.

Theme song

#019: For those about to rock

#020: Shure To Displease

#022: The Uninvited Part II

#026: Lt. Dan vs. El Jefe

Benefit Podcast for Brendan Morocco

#029: Houston, We’re F’d

#031: C’est La Vie

#036: Night Of 1000 Stars

Adam and Eve Bonus Pod

#045: Dallas Live

Puck Nuts Bonus Pod

The Worst Episode Ever

Overkill #6: Of Our Elaborate Plans, The End.

#100: Rock ‘N Roll Farmer

#117: Q The Cuddle Bear


Fiasco Pod (Cryptoman Bundle)

#251: The Peyton Manning of Podding

#264: The Blue Juice Comics 1 True 3 Invitational Part 1

#265: The Blue Juice Comics 1 True 3 Invitational Part 2

NYC Podfest 2016: The Long Burn

#371: Daddy Edgar

#500: It’s The Big One