#100: Rock ‘N Roll Farmer

Pod Description:

TESD celebrates episode one hundred with show favorites Ming, Sunday Jeff, Dave Wyndorf, and perchance a round of One, True, Three?


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Dave Wyndorf

Git ‘Em Steve-Dave

Sunday Jeff

Ming Chen


Theres a blind spot where he goes to eat squirrels and jerk off – Dave Wyndorf about Gitem

He’s the Tebow of the Auction World – Bry about Gitem

“Dad was an asshole, he was mean to this little immigrant” Dave and Walt as Walt’s daughters finding out about TESD.

“Oh my god, are we about to reveal that he went to the circus?” Bry’s disappointment in the 1 True 3 game.

Game Played:


Gitem Steve Dave’s First One True Three

Story 1:  Gitem once had lunch with Mr. Rogers

Story 2:  Gitem was allowed backstage at a circus to meet a Unicorn

Story 3:  Gitem was fired from a gas station for being part of a fake robbery.

Memorable Moments:

Dave is astonished Mike and Ming have a podcast.

It is revealed that Gitem has been hitting on Mike’s wife Julia and tweeting to her throwing Mike under the bus about women hitting on him in the Stash.

Dave and Sunday Jeff are introduced to Gitem and told about all of his idiosyncrasies.

The guys talk about their favorite moments from the past 100 episodes.

Dave and 2 Live Crew both got oral on stage once.

Walt breaks and tells his daughters about the reality show, he doesn’t want them to find out through a third person.

Bry reads the season premier ratings for CBM, they were higher than Mad Men, Hell on Wheels and Season 1 of Walking Dead.

Walt gives Sunday Jeff a hard time for missing the Comic Book Men premiere party.

Walt suggests Gitem pod with Rob Bruce to wean himself off the cams.  Gitem Rob-Bruce!

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