Benefit Podcast for Brendan Morocco

Pod Description:

Recorded live in Staten Island at the Cargo Cafe on August 29, 2010


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Frank #3

Sal Vulcano

Mentioned Person:



“Have I ever said I was a yummy fuckin’ girl banger?  Or was that thurst upon me?” – Q

“Teflon Bry gets a pass, what a surprise.” – Q

“This is dirty money, these guys are up here talking about fucking monkeys!” – Bry

“Hold on boss, I’m gonna get da right directions for you, just slow down.” – Bry as Ming

“Don’t we have a picture of you kissing an old dude too?” – Bry to Sal

Game Played:



Story 1. Sal has had a gay experience.

Story 2.  Sal was hit by a car at 4 in an empty parking lot.

Story 3. Sal ate salad with Joyce Dewitt.

Frank 3

Story 1. Frank was paid to take SATs for other students.

Story 2. Frank was arrested in Mexico for indecent exposure.

Story 3. He has the alias Frankie Knuckles on his criminal record (True Story)

Memorable Moments:

When Walt heard he was doing this love show in Staten Island New York he assumed it would be like the cop out premier with waiters in tuxedos serving caviar.

Bry and Walt sandbag Quinn by reading an angry email from a listener who is mad at his womanizing ways.

It is revealed Q lost his virginity to an unknown A-list celebrity’s sister.

Walt reveals he didn’t know what a mongoloid was when he used it in a previous TESD.  He claims he thought it just meant an unruly person, a barbarian like Genghis Khan.

Who would survive the best in a post apocalyptic scenario?  Bry says he would since the depressing landscape of an apocalypse wouldn’t be that much different to how he lives now, Bry am Legend.  Walt says he could become a Mad Max if he had to fight for his family.

First mention of Troy

First on mic appearance of Sal.

A tale of when Bry, Q, Sal, and Darren all went to Key West and Sal almost got into a fight with some woman’s husband after Sal complained she was blocking his view of a bikini contest winner “The Sexretary”.    Sal forgets he owes Bry money for the trip and Bry purposely doesn’t remind him just to hold it over him.  There is accusations of Sal kissing an old dude.

Bry is puzzled by the paint scheme outside the Cargo Bar.  He claims it looks like a clown prison, Walt thinks it looks like a Water Ice or Ice Cream store.

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