#036: Night Of 1000 Stars

Pod Description:

Guest stars abound. Bry fails in delivery of an enhanced podcast.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Ming Chen

Debbie Chen

Brian O’Halloran

Game Played:


Debbi Chen’s One True Three

Story 1:  Debbi thinks Ming peed the bed when she wakes up sticky and wet.

Story 2:  Ming saved her mom by giving the Heimlich while she was choking.

Story 3:  Ming once made her wait until he was finished eating pizza before driving her to the hospital for a 104 F fever.

Memorable Moments:

Walt interrupts an Adam and Eve commercial to shill some merchandise at the Stash.

Listeners Guy and Mandy met on twitter and decided to sight see and visit the Stash together. Guy got tired of waiting one morning and abandoned her in Virginia because he couldn’t wait any longer to get to the Red Bank.

Brian O’Halloran thought the movie “The Happening” was about the sitcom “What’s Happening.”

Debbie discusses her courtship with Ming and refuses to let him take the sexy Suzanne pictures.

The movie Vulgar is discussed. Q’s girlfriend was almost given a bit part but it was stolen away by Brian O’Halloran’s girlfriend in the end.

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