#045: Dallas Live

Pod Description:

TESD rocks the Granada Theatre in Dallas, TX.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Darren Johnson

Kevin Smith

Scott Mosier


Game Played:


Walt’s Second One True Three

Story 1:  Debbie left Walt briefly after discovering a grotesque drawing he made for a metal band

Story 2:  Embarrassed to go to a Rick Springfield concert alone, he asked his mom to accompany him

Story 3:  To last longer during sex Walt would think about Spider-Man

Memorable Moments:

Bryans brother Darren is introduced to the crowd.

Texas strippers are very nice and return Brys lost notebook

stories of being big brothers.

Bry puts a black dildo in eriks bag.

Edgar’s love of porno.  He had Pam bring one home from the store to Walt’s horror.  Edgar would return multiple pornos a week while Darren was on duty at a video store.

Live Q&A with TESD and Smodcsst



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