#371: Daddy Edgar

*Featured Image from http://www.tellemstevedave.com


Bry celebrates a true American Hero. Q considers running for office. Jiggy plays 1-true-3.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn



“Daddy?” “Does it hurt? Does it hurt like you hurt me?” – Bry

“I can’t tell whose dick’s in his mouth!  Tom Brady or Walt’s?” – Q about Jiggy

“Win with Quinn!” – Walt’s campaign slogan for councilman Q

“She’s the Rosa Parks of braless chicks!” – Bry

“She’s got fat tits and it’s not her fault!” – Bry

“And whenever you praise God it ends in kaboom”-Bry

 “What people don’t know.. people who know Armenians know that I don’t look at all Armenian..” – Jiggy

“You were passing for White THIS WHOLE TIME?!!” -Q

“Get ‘em outta here!!” – Bry

Reoccurring Segments:

Heard Around the Walter Cooler:  Parents are using Amazon’s Alexa to read bedtime stories to their kids.

Games Played:

One True Three:  Jiggy

Story 1:  Jiggy is actually adopted which explains why he doesn’t look Armenian

Story 2:  Jiggy was the ringleader of a gang of youths who stole the hood ornaments off of luxury cars.

Story 3:  An angry Jiggy pushes a drama teacher off a stage for cutting his skit, spraining the teacher’s ankle and making him wear a cast.


Memorable Moments:

Gitem sends Bryan an article claiming that pain pills turned a man gay.

Bryan reads a tale of a real teenage hero, a Florida girl is forced to put bandages over her nipples when she goes to school braless.  She plans to protest saying that it’s not her fault others are distracted by her.

Q considers a career in public office after IJ dies down.  Bry claims to have tons of dirt on him and would need a payoff like Stormy Daniels.

Walt encourages Bryan to work through his issues with Pam and Edgar, perhaps by reading Tom Brady’s book.

Walt and Alicia do the first ad of 2018 as the Baron and Baroness Von Flanagan

Walt challenges Jiggy to Dyslexia.  Jiggy proves to be pretty proficient at it until he must figure out the opposite of horse.

Q says goodbye for a while.


This weeks Dyslexia clues are:

  • Continent Once Lungs – Gilligan’s Island
  • Dumb Give – Get Smart
  • Individual Manning – Brady Bunch


Scott E. Wells – Free

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