#264: The Blue Juice Comics 1 True 3 Invitational Part 1

* Featured image by @WCChastain

Pod Description:

10 men enter the deception octagon. Only 1 will exit.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Git ‘Em Steve-Dave

Sunday Jeff

Mike Zapcic

Ming Chen

Chris Laudando

Brian Maxwell

Frank #5


Mentioned Person:


Game Played:


Game One:  Ming Chen (Story Teller) VS Chris Laudando (Guesser)

Story 1:  As a teenager Ming got in trouble for stealing a female cousins ‘female centric’ magazines.

Story 2:  Charged with the care of his children’s pet hamsters while they were away, Ming starved them to death. (True Story)

Story 3:  Ming woke up to find two females in his bed who were not his wife.

Winner:  Ming Chen

Game Two:  Brian Maxwell (Story Teller) VS Gitem Steve-Dave (Guesser)

Story 1:  In high school Maxwell hit a girl in the head with a golf club.  (True Story)

Story 2:  Maxwell was a pro wrestling manager in Memphis for a time.

Story 3:  Maxwell drank a shot of piss for 20 bucks.

Winner:  Brian Maxwell

Game Three:  Brian Quinn (Story Teller) VS Sunday Jeff (Guesser)

Story 1:  Q once wore women’s panties on stage at a Tenderloins show as part of a humiliation sex game for his girl.

Story 2:  Q once unknowingly attended a white power rally in Staten Island. (True Story)

Story 3:  Q and Stacy once stopped talking for years after he kissed her while she was asleep.

Winner:  Brian Quinn

Game Four:  Mike Zapcic (Story Teller) VS Bryan Johnson (Guesser)

Story 1:  As a chef at a country club, Mike drugged his nasty boss to get him off his back for a night.

Story 2:  Mike once had an arrest warrant for two years. (True Story)

Story 3:  Mike once let an escaped bank robber hide out in his basement.

Winner:  Mike Zapcic

Game Five:  Frank 5 (Story Teller) VS Walt Flanagan (Guesser)

Story 1:  Frank 5 once got so nervous around his girlfriends family that he vomited on some carrot cake, but didn’t say anything and let them all eat it.  (True Story)

Story 2:  After realizing the attractive mother of one of his students was a stripper, he would frequent her club for lap dances.

Story 3:  Frank 5 once released cockroaches into the home of a principal he didn’t get along with

Winner:  Frank 5

Memorable Moments:

Frank 5 becomes a classic guest after his great stories.


Right As Rain – Cotton Underwear

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