The Worst Episode Ever

Pod Description:

Here’s your chance to spend $1.99 on an episode deemed too lousy to air. In truth, it’s pretty good. Walt’s defanged by Bry’s email, Ming is the victim of racial profiling, Bry gets reprimanded for a dishonorable shout-out and Q’s plan to wow the guys with a new hairdo is met with yawns.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Ming Chen

Sunday Jeff

Mentioned Person:


“Well, squid or octopus are the same thing. Japanese, Chinese same thing.” – Walt

“You guys smell something?  That’s you talking out your ass!” – Walt

“You were so proud of yourself when you put that emergency tit thing in.” – Walt to Bry

“This is the Red Bank Boot Legger over here.” – Walt about Ming

“Yeah I’m fuckin’ Bobby Trendy over here.” – Bry

Game Played:


Sunday jeff

Story 1:  Sunday Jeff pulled a smoke alarm in high school.

Story 2. He sat next to Bruce springsteen at a baseball game.

Reoccurring Segment:

Memorable Moments:

The TESD twitter handle loses a record 35 followers over night.

Ming Is called to the store to talk to a lost Japanese girl because Walt thought he could speak her language.   Ming ends up being no help and Walt walks her to the train station.

A student at Rutgers kills himself after webcam of him kissing another boy is spread around.

Q is saddened he’s not getting more attention from his bright orange hair from the IJ pilot.  He talks about how annoying it is shooting reality TV with producers asking you to repeat things over and over again when you are just shooting the shit with your friends.

A jewish listener writes in upset at the hitler and Jewish talk on the show.

Sunday jeff delivers an emergency one true three but tells a story Walt and Ming already know…

Ming apologizes for calling Debbie Chen a hoarder on TESD.  Debbie forbids Ming from being the photographer for Suzanne’s racy Adam and Eve pictures.

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