#072: Makin’ Hay II: The Final Exit

Pod Description:

Walt’s bummed, would’ja/wouldnt’ja advertisers are discussed, a little hay is made.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Git ‘Em Steve-Dave

Rob Bruce


“I’m gonna get thug ‘n mugged” – Q worried about online dating

“It’s like, once you’re fuckin’ been fucked you ain’t a virgin no more” – Walt’s theory on why you should only get store credit and not a refund on returns.

“I don’t rise above it though. What’s my disability my knee? Or my depression? Or my fatness? Which is it?”- Bry

Memorable Moments:

A guy who wants to make a horror movie comes into the Stash to beg for money.

The use of caning as a punishment is discussed.

Bryan lists hypothetical sponsors to see what Walt would accept or turn down.

TruTV has a fourth towing show, is bringing Hulk Hogan midget wrestling as well.

Bryan has been watching Sage for a week while his sister is in the Bahamas.  She is late in returning because her boyfriend was hit by a cab.  Bry say’s he’d rather she not come back at all and he could keep Sage.

Bry tells a story of a Lemon of a car he bought offline and pawned it off on his brother.

Gitem’s interview from Collingswood is played telling the story of how his ex knocked out his teeth and left him for a blind man.

Rob Bruce tells stories of fistfights that erupted at the flea market and how cops were called.

Q logs into Gitems webcam and describes his house.

Bry gets a back alley haircut from a gay cowboy in LA

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