#186: The Death of an Ant Part 1

Pod Description:

Q hits the big time, Bry hits a new low, Walt hits middle age


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Ming Chen


“Oh Paul Walkah!  You said hello to me once, like I was a human bein’!  What is life without you?  It is neither fast nor furious!” – Bry as Q

“Yes two weeks off doesn’t mean someone is necessarily gone forever.  Looking at you former TESD listener on twiter.” – Bry

“I’m glad they waited two weeks to get theses yuks.” – Walt

“Here we go with the schedule blues.  Q’s trying to steal my fuckin thunder.” – Bry

“Dueling Banjos, who’s the more miserable.” – Walt about Bry and Q.

“You’ve clawed your way out of the fuckin’ ant hill and you’re gone!” – Walt to Q.

“It’s not gangster to rent a car.  You never see P-Diddy at AVIS.” – Q.

“Dane Cook and Paul Walker put Q on the spit.” – Bry

“Nah man, I’d fight for my fake car that I called.” – Walt

“I could read pennies in the dark from four feet away! It’s almost as heartbreaking as if I had to admit I couldn’t get a hard on!” – Walt

“I watch the Super Bowl with a little more relaxation knowing Git’em is there protecting Peyton Manning” – Walt

“I do everything Furiously.” – Bry

“We all know I’m wrong why do I have to buy into it as well?” – Bry about not apologizing.

Memorable Moments:

Bry is coming off of two weeks of an especially dark mindset of depression and anxiety where he would spend most of the day in bed.

Bry is missing an important condo open house to celebrate a new washer/drier to record an episode.

Q appears on Conan O’Brien with the rest of the Impractical Jokers.  He is delighted to see a Tell’Em Steve Dave sign in the crowd.   Years ago while talking with Dave Wyndorf Walt asserts that one doesn’t really “make it” until they appear on a late night talk show.  Walt believes Q has ascended past the anthill.

Justin Bieber in trouble for drag racing with alcohol in his system.  Q seems to think he’s a gangster wannabe for driving around a rented Lamborghini and having his boys block off traffic.  Female fan of his tweets she wants to stab herself after hearing he is on anti depressants and she can’t help make him happy.

Bryan can’t wait to sandbag Q after telling Walt he heard him and Sal break down in tears on “What Say You” about the death of Paul Walker.  Q doesn’t quite remember it that way and they have Declan pull the clip to confirm.  The reactions were not as dramatic as Bryan remembered.

Walt claims he was never a big car guy like other boys growing up.  He never understood the appeal.

Q sees Lone Survivor and says its a great movie but a real bummer.  Mark Wahlberg once assaulted two Vietnamese men before becoming an actor.  Walt wonders if those guys can ever enjoy one of his films.  Brother Paul Wahlberg to get a reality show about owning a burger joint.

During a commercial for Warby Parker Walt admits to getting older and losing his once super powered vision where he could read the dates off pennies from 4 feet away in the dark.  Bry and Kev used to test him in the back of Kevin’s car.

A Hulu+ commercial leads Bry, Walt, and Q to wonder how they can get Hulu to pay them to create their own content.  They claim it wouldn’t cost much as Chris Laudando could film it for free with his own camera and Declan could volunteer to do audio mixing.

Walt reveals that Git’em is working security at the Super Bowl that year and imagines him being a hero like Richard Jewell.  Git’em promised TESD the exclusive interview if that were the case.

Walt reveals three new features he wants to do on the show:  You’ve Got to B. Quinn it to Win It, Heard Around the Walter Cooler, and I Don’t Got Small Hands.  Only two of the three are ever played.

Dasha Zhukova sits atop a black woman as a chair in a highly criticized magazine photograph.

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