#331: Is there a doctor in the house?

Pod Description:

Bry’s brother Erik, a fancy pants doctor, offers up some psychological breakdowns


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Erik Johnson


“You were the first one who was like ‘hey maan, words hurt duude'” – Bryan

“Words hurt duude” – Walt

“Now he meant space aliens, not illegal aliens?” – Walt

Memorable Moments:

Bryans youngest brother, Erik a psychiatrist, comes to talk about growing up a Johnson and some of his most interesting cases.

Based on emails saying how much Tesd has helped listeners with depression Walt suggests Erik prescribe it to his patients.

Walt asks Erik if he hopes for a patient so crazy he can mae a career out of writing books about him.

Erik diagnoses Bry  as bipolar and Q as major depressive

Bry and Walt put Erik in an uncomfortable hypothetical where he has to dissuade people from reproducing based on genetic testing for mental illnesses: John Wayne Gacy and Aileen Wournos.

Erik confirms the Ming sociopath diagnosis.

Walt is certifiably normal with no problems.


Scott E. Wells – Damn Near Twenty

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