#340: Love Warrior

Pod Description:

Who among the guys is a perfectionist? Walt’s lack of cow milking skills makes him feel inadequate. Conflicting opinions on Wonder Woman.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Mentioned Person:


“You don’t think he loves Dick?” – Walt

“Piss?” – Q

“Do you think there ever was a real person who saved the town by putting his finger into a dyke hole?” – Walt

Game Played:


Reoccurring Segment:


Memorable Moments:

Bry apologizes for the crashed site.

Walt ponders the veracity of the story of the Dutch boy and the dike.

Bry contemplates life insurance.

Q disguises a pissy pants by squirting water at a crowd in Philly.

Would the rat pack get away with their antics today.

Walt has issues with the end of Wonder Woman where she says she stands with love then uses violence.

Walt is saddened by the prospect of the malls and chain restaurants closing down he says he and his family eats out 7 days a week


El Beasto – Feed the Kraken

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