#193: Heil Honey

Pod Description:

Mystery plane, BanBossy and Hitler moves in next door


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Mentioned Person:


“What about those porr little kids in Uganda, they don’t got guardian angels but I do?” – Q

“Yeah, you’re American.” – Walt


“Like we went back the next day cuz I wanted to show the kids where we almost died.” -Walt

“Those people’s lives are in Gitem’s hands.” – Q

Game Played:

Reoccurring Segment:

Overkill:  Ghost Ships-  Boats and Planes that disappear never to be found

You Hitlearn Something New Everyday:

A German artist creates a Hitler toilet paper so that people can give him a Shitler.

A JC Penny teapot looks like Hitler.

A British sitcom about Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun living next door to a Jewish couple ran for just one episode.

Memorable Moments:

Walt sticks up for Gitem by saying he is so loyal that he showed up at the Stash in costume the same day Walt asks him to take selfies to send to Mr. Oz for the Claymation movie.

Bry watches footage of the ’92 LA riots and is amazed that more smug white newscasters weren’t hit with bricks.  Korean shop owners would protect their stores with loaded firearms.  He asks Walt what he would do if Red Bank would ever riot.  Walt suggests sending Ming up to the roof with a rifle.

TESD asks where the missing Malaysian Airline is.   Authorities have begun crowd sourcing the search by posting the satellite images of the ocean online so people can look at home.

Bry watched a documentary called The Act of Killing about Indonesian death squads that would laugh about the killing they did while claiming the Nazis get too much credit.

A listener writes in claiming the term “Ant” is insulting to the fanbase and requests it be changed to “Bee”

Bry says no matter how bad they fuck up their Kickstarter at least it isn’t as bad as John Campbell who miscalculated how much shipping costs would be and chose to burn his product rather than send it out and offered no refunds.

Walt asks the guys if they believe in Guardian Angels and tells how he and his wife would have been crushed to death by an SUV that crashed into their local Kohls if not for the elderly couple having trouble with self checkout delaying them by half a minute.

Sheryl Sandberg wants to Ban Bossy.


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