#245: Uncle Q Wants You!

Pod Description:

Bry avoids a family reunion at all costs.  TESD sends a cub reporter into the field.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Brian Maxwell

Erik Johnson

Mentioned Person:


“Its just too much, I can’t sustain a career where I can’t say Italians love fuckin’ pasta. It’s too much!” – Q

“Oh my god I love it when Ming posts a sandwich.” – Walt

“I had to get up at 6:45 to do an interview, people are interested in me!” – Bry as Q

“Cousin Bryan knows Kevin Smith?  Cousin Bry I got some head shots!” – Walt as a southern Johnson cousin.

“You’re not bugging me to sign copies of Vulgar, unless I come down to the Stash.” – Bry to Walt

“You think you are the only special Johnson?” – Walt

“I always assumed he was just a four star asshole, turns out he’s a four star general.” – Q about Bry’s relationship to Colin Powell

“How well do you see things in other peoples pants, or shoes, what is it?” – Walt

“But if the Ninja Turtles were real they probably would take care of Mexico.” – Walt

“Are you upskirtin’ Bry?” – Walt when Q starts Periscoping.

“Last week we talked about whipping some chick’s pussy with a belt, that don’t fly at CNN.” – Q

Game Played:

Reoccurring Segment:

Memorable Moments:

Bry and Sage choose Fan Duel to avoid getting their legs broke by the bookies.

Bryan’s distant cousins he hasn’t seen in decades want to meet up with him now that he is on TV.  Pam has been boasting about his entertainment clout and Bry doesn’t want to deal with it so skips out on the meeting.  Bryan considers Walt and Q his real extended family.   Bry discovers he is distantly related to Colin Powell.  Q has a similar situation where distant cousins approach his mom to try to get things from Q and Q asks her to protect him from the termites coming out of the wood work.

Walt asks Q and Bry how well they see things from other people’s perspectives.

Bry likes real talk about serious shit rather than stupid small talk.  At a con a lady was telling him about her life in Mexico dealing with cartels but then Mike interrupts to talk about Ninja Turtles.

Q loves Bitmoji for how cheesy and stupid it is.  E.K. Morris was getting rageful at Q’s use of them in conversation.

Pam bewilderingly texts Bry to remind him to call his brother Erik to wish him happy anniversary.  A confused Bryan does it on air.   Q never calls his brothers to congratulate their anniversaries but is taking a brother to Vegas to celebrate his divorce.

Bry discusses Erik’s selflessness and the communities he serves, Walt says it’s just like him on New Comic Days giving out a complimentary bag and board.

Bryan talks about the formerly great Johnson’s with huge properties and mansions and how the Johnson Cloud eventually was cast over them all.  A teenage Bry mimics the mournful wails of his cousin after the death of his uncle.  Should Bry exhume his grandma to take her golfing like she promised she’d take him years ago?

Ming goes to C2E2 and can not keep using Bryan Johnson as conversation topics during panels.

Maxwell is sent to the streets to poll a youngster and an old folk while the boys discuss their responses and give their own.

  1.  Imagine a world without lies, what does that world look like?
  2.   What is America’s greatest accomplishment?
  3.   Why so easy to hate, why so hard to love?
  4.   From 1-10 how important is to to be perceived by others as popular?  Hard Working?  Funny?   Humble?  Successful?  Honest?

Walt announces he wants to do a TESD murder mystery game.

Spectacular Ad:

MeUndies:  Special Agent MeUndies infiltrates fashion week and meets The Beibs


Yser One- The Clock Ticks

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