#369: Angel Coitus


A 13%er who narrowly escaped the clutches of a deranged cult leader stops by. Is heaven just one big friend zone? Git ‘Em and Walt dish on their exclusive book club.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Git ‘Em Steve-Dave

13%er Kim


“I don’t want to evolve past the blow job, I just don’t want to” – Q

“You’re an alcoholic” – Q to Gitem

“There’s no point in a cult unless there’s sex!” – Q

“I would totally blow dudes, all day and night!” – Q

“Tom Brady had never had a sunburn.  He stays hydrated!”  – Walt and Gitem.

“I know you like Tom Brady; is it difficult to read with all the pages stuck together?” – Bry

 “Don’t worry about it, smart ass. He got it for me on a PDF”.- Walt

“If i’ve ever met a mother fucker that’s gonna sit at the right hand of god, it’s this judgemental cock sucker.” – Bry

“You sucked off a pizza. It came tomato in your mouth. The only thing missing was Jaws.” – Q

Memorable Moments:

Bry has always dreamed of being a cult leader

Listener Kim tells of growing up in a super religious Pentecostal cult-like church.

Bry and Q were under the hypnotic spell of a preacher on TV in their hotel rooms at the pinball event.

The new Pope says hell doesn’t exist.

Walt tries to describe Heaven to Bry and Q.

Walt and Gitem are both reading Tom Brady’s book to talk about at work.  Tom doesn’t eat tomatoes because they are in the nightshade family.

Walt Bry and Q go see Monster Magnet at Starland Ballroom.

A deaf woman is hired as a police officer.

Walt bemoans that Dyslexia has been too easy the last few weeks so is going back to the original rules of the game where the opposite words are in reverse order to the answer.

This weeks clues are:

  • Commoner Constrained – Space Lord
  • Heaven Out Me Hear – See you in Hell
  • Definition High Fewer Thaw – Freeze and Pixelate

All clues are Monster Magnet Songs


Medicated Savage – Be Original

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