#211: Shady Acres

* Featured image by @WCChastain

Pod Description:

Bry battles a stalker. Git ‘Em Steve Dave is “too exhausted” to read for fifteen seconds.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Mentioned Person:

Git ‘Em Steve-Dave



Bry’s Stalker:  The Cukoo Lady


Game Played:

Reoccurring Segment:

Memorable Moments:

Bry and Suzanne throw a little party for Sage at the beach, but none of the three invited guests show up.  In an effort to ensure Sage has fun and to not waste any food, Suzanne approaches a lady with her kids at the beach and invites them to the party.  The lady leaves Suzanne with all their kids for over an hour.  One of the kids told Suzanne some horrific things causing Suzanne to call DYFS (Child Protective Services).  The lady retaliates by calling DYFS on Suzanne and shortly after, Bry see’s her hiding the parking lot at night where he lives.

Walt is annoyed at Gitem for not recording audio of him analyzing the guys’ dreams from the previous episode.

Bry, Walt and Q all leave testimonials for Declan’s “Creeky Studios”.  Walt gives Declan several to pick from but he ends up using all of them in a rambling run on sentence.  Q brings all the compliments about Declan back on himself.


Witch Hazel Song: Land of Phantoms

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