#229: Motor Dick

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Pod Description:

TESD checks out the Ginja Pulloza fad. When is the right time to call the police? Bry gives two good examples.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Mentioned Person:


“We gotta go back to carbon paper, we gotta send out TESD in transcripts.” – Walt

“Well there’s fuckin’ fat Bry from fuckin Comic Book Men” – Bry

“I wanna firm my buns, Doctor” – Bry

“There was no fuckin’ hockey mask in the first movie @BQQuinn!” – Walt as an irate nerd

“He’s incapable of growing whiskers and emotions” – Walt about Ming

Game Played:

Reoccurring Segment:

Pusshole of the Week:  Theaters for not showing The Interview for fear of North Korea

Memorable Moments:

Bry claims that Ginko Baloba is nothing but snake oil and doesn’t help with memory at all.  Walt compares this with the Shape Up shoes that were supposed to help with fitness but instead led to various injuries.

TESD was offered a sponsorship from predatory lenders but Bry told them to go fuck themselves.

At a Walker Stalker Con panel for Comic Book Men the guys are asked to say something they truly admire about the others.  Bry is actually sincere saying how he admires Ming’s positivity, Ming however comments he likes Bry’s beard.

TESD discusses the North Korea hack and The Interview being pulled from theaters because theater owners don’t want to be responsible for attacks.  Walt says Hollywood loves the stories of the little guy standing up for himself against adversity but then crumbles when push comes to shove.  Q thinks America should form an A-Team of Hackers to play The Interview 24/7 in North Korea.

Bry and Kevin Smith run out of a movie theatre shortly after 9/11.

Q gets his leather vest to start putting on patches, he suggests you can put a big back patch on a flannel shirt.

Walt reads an article saying how cat’s carry a bacteria called toxic plasmosis that causes depression and could lead to suicide.  He is worried about Q’s mental health.

According to a list of symptoms Bry thinks he has postpartum depression.

The institution of marriage is discussed.  Q is unsure he will ever go through with it.

A father discovers his 15 year old daughter is sexting with an older guy and has sent nude photos.  He reaches out to Wayne Foundation’s Jamie Walton for advice on twitter, Bry says you go straight to the cops and mentions the time his niece Autumn was doing the same thing as mentioned on Space Monkeys

A young 18 year old Bry is so in love with his current girlfriend that Pam takes him to buy an engagement ring.  Looking back Bry is so angry Pam would indulge him in his hastiness.  That romantic Bry is long dead, as is his intended bride who cheated on him while away at summer camp.


Vicky Pezza – TESD Rap

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