#380: The Declan Cut Sucks


Bry brings an Overkill That’s sure to please and Walt attempts to top it with a scary close encounter.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Git ‘Em Steve-Dave


“We’re gonna be rich!”- Walt to his daughter upon getting the “UFOs”on film.

Memorable Moments:

The return of Overkill!

TESD is nominated for People’s Choice and Best Comedy over at the Podcast Awards.  Click the link to vote!

Hair Metal throwback band Steel Panther had to change the name of their effects pedal “Pussy Melter” after offending the sensibilities of online crusaders.

Bry brings an overkill topic about a missing girl who reappears hundreds of miles away carrying a newspaper from the future after possibly being abducted by aliens.  Despite this story having everything Walt loves in it, he still picks it apart.  Turns out Bryan wrote it himself in an effort to appease Walt.

Walt and his family witness strange lights in the sky which he swears is UFOs and has the video evidence to prove it.  Q points out that the veracity of the video could come into question with how often Walt talks about getting rich and making the clip go viral.

Bry books a Space Monkeys show Comic Con weekend but was so excited forgot to ask about payment.

Q mistakes Hessian soldiers for Haitian soldiers.


Senior Discount – Afterlife

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